Scott Rowland
25 Apr, 2003

Free Radical moves on from TimeSplitters

Xbox News | It's third-person action time!
TimeSplitters developer Free Radical has divulged that it will not be developing a TimeSplitters 3 - at least not for its next project, C&VG is reporting.

Apparently, the team is working on a secret project, rather stating that it's an entirely new franchise. Possibly.

"It's a third-person action title with a bit of stealth in there - it'll be a huge departure from TimeSplitters but is shaping up to be amazing," was the official comment. Not really specific, is it?

It has also been said that Eidos will not be handling the publishing for the teams next title, but the game has already been signed to another major publisher. Hopefully we can expect further announcements to surface at E3.

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1 decade ago
Sounds like a MGS/Splinter Cell style game to me....
If it's as good as TS2, I'm in! icon_biggrin.gif
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