13 Feb, 2006

Grab a piece of Xbox history on Ebay

Xbox News | Fancy a rare Halo collectible and want to help charity?
Microsoft has announced that they'll be auctioning off the Halo 2 billboard that was displayed in King's Cross, Sydney in late-2004. The site is traditionally a place for Coca-Cola to advertise, but Master Chief sat up there for five months and now Microsoft is dividing the billboard up into eight parts. Each part of the billboard will contain a commemorative plaque including a photo of the Halo 2
Coke sign. The plaques will be personally signed by the team at Bungie Studios.

The auction actually begun today and all proceeds will go towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Those wishing to bid can find the auction at the following address:


This is a great opportunity and an excellent chance to own a piece of history, as well as contribute to a worthy cause.

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8 years ago
Part 1: his arm and leg.

i can't help but think they'd raise more if they auction the thing in 1 piece.
8 years ago
ObsoletE wrote
i can't help but think they'd raise more if they auction the thing in 1 piece.
I read that as:
i can't help but think they'd raise more if they auction the thing in piece 1.

Yes, you know what I thought.
8 years ago



too hard, lets cut up a big picture...
8 years ago
No, his thing...
8 years ago

8 years ago
I am sooooo bidding on it when it comes up icon_razz.gif
8 years ago

He has a thing??!
8 years ago
What a joke! What's next? The tip of his boot and some clouds? icon_razz.gif
Auction the whole poster as one idiots!
8 years ago
^ that's what i thought, someone is going to get a portion of the (2) logo and some smoke.


it might be for a good cause, but like i said, i think more people (or even a company/organisation) would be more inclined to bid on the complete poster.
8 years ago
ROFL..........I just don't understand why? lol
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