James Peter
23 Nov, 2005

Dead or Alive - The Movie

Xbox News | Holly Valance fighting in a bikini? Sounds like a movie premise.
Following the recent spate of game-to-move conversions, is the release of a movie adaptation of Tecmo's Dead or Alive franchise. Distributed by Dimension Films it is due out Q3 2006 in the US.

The story line is along the lines of ‘four female fighters competing to the death on an exotic island’. No doubt the most intellectual part of the movie experience will be admiring the creative new ways director Corey Yuen has managed to capture partial nudity. Still with the likes of our own Holly Valance (Neighbours) on the cast that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Also included are Devon Aoki, Sarah Carter, Natassia Malthe, Jaime Pressly, Matthew Marsden and Eric Roberts.

The following trailer was released yesterday:

High Quality (9MB - Quicktime)

You can also check out some stills from the trailer in our media panel.

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8 years ago
Aren't there male fighter's in the game? Oh well, Holly Valance was much better in those 1800 REVERSE ads than PAT RAFTER (why they picked a spokesman that couldn't even say WEVERSE I'll never know).

Maybe they just didnt show the men in the trailer, lets hope Zack makes it in with that shiny silver suit with a SEAMANesque dongle. I guess I'll have to see this to make up for the disappointment that The ROCK cant even hit anything with the BFG.

Afterall it could be worse: Pat Wafter could have been Kasumi.
8 years ago
So that's where Holly Valance has been all this time.
8 years ago
Cool whens it out here?
8 years ago
*reads about partial nudity*
*Decides to watch for nudity*
*blinks again*
8 years ago
Man this is going to suck.

I saw a shot of Zack and Tina. Zack actually looks quite good. If they show him in his rediculous shiny outfit I'm going to walk out.

All of the girls don't look at all like their counterparts.

Least the fighting might be good. Can't believe that scene where Tina, Ayane, Helena, Christie, and Hitomi are standing there with samurai swords. What the hell are they thinking?

Hopefully it won't be as bad as Street Fighter, but then I have no reason to believe otherwise.
8 years ago
Hmm, Holly Valance actually doesn't look half bad blonde, or naked for that matter.

Judging by those shots, the only cool thing to come out of this movie will be how to get out of/into a bra with style.

Trailer doesn't work for me, but I don't care. Imagine that...
8 years ago
Looks like good cheesy fun.
8 years ago
It looks liek its being directed by Uwe Boll


This looks like one of those pointless killed and fighting movies of the 80's.
8 years ago
Devon Aoki is looking worse than I feared.

I can't tell which girl is who. This isn't a good sign.
8 years ago
Uwe Boll?

No, just no...

(And word has it he's after Zelda and Half-Life)
8 years ago
If he gets to them I'm going to shoot him. This guys makes good franchises look shit on the mainstream.
8 years ago
would be far far better if the two blokes werent in it icon_smile.gif icon_razz.gif

but Dead or Alive? come off it ive played this game to death (well number 3 anyway) and looking back onit im kinda thinking what on earth are they actually going to make the story based on. the game is basically a convenient excuse to play an old school beat 'em up game. where is the content needed to make even a half decent story???
8 years ago
This was posted on PALGN months and months ago.
8 years ago
Spanca wrote
This was posted on PALGN months and months ago.
But there was no trailer accompanying it...

Well I am still undecided about the movie even if I know it will flop.
8 years ago
After watching the trailer, it doesn't even come across as a film trying to portray the Dead or Alive world. It just comes across as a film that includes chicks fighting.

Says a lot really, but then, I don't care. I probably won't be watching it, and if I do, it will only be to see how another game movie has been ridiculed...

Still, Holly doesn't look so bad as a blonde at all. I'd hit it.
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