10 Mar, 2005

Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors Review

Xbox Review | PALGN brings you the first PAL review of this brilliant action game.
The original Otogi was released to only a little bit of fanfare when it launched in 2003 for the Xbox. Otogi was an exclusive-to-Xbox title and was a brilliant action adventure that really was under-rated. When PALGN heard that an Otogi sequel was in the making we rejoiced, we looked forward to going through another chapter in the Otogi franchise. The next chapter in the Otogi franchise is Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors, so is the series still alive or has it lost some of its spark in two years?

As with most sequels, Otogi 2 is bigger and bolder than the previous incarnation. As the title of the game indicates, there are now six playable warriors to go through the game with. The story picks up where the other game finished; Raikoh, the warrior from the original game, returns to the demon-infested city to defeat the demons once and for all. The six playable characters are uniquely different from each other, and gamers have the choice of playing as Raikoh (the original hero), Kintoki, Tsuna, Sadamitsu, Suetake and Semei. All of these warriors are intent on ridding the city of demons and all of them have different moves; a vertical chop for Raikoh is a vertical swing for Sadamitsu.

The stages in the game are sorted into phases, with each phase containing up to four stages. Each character can only tackle one stage per phase, so players must think carefully before choosing their desired warrior. Specific stages also feature restrictions so only certain characters can play in those stages. The levels are scattered with secondary objectives for the player to compete, such as releasing spirits and the ability to change costumes; this means that the levels can take a very long time to go through, or they can be completed with just the primary objective of defeating the demons.

Otogi 2 is a game which features many genres in one, such as action and RPG. The RPG elements include the ability to earn experience points and to equip characters with equipment. Spells, accessories and character upgrades can be brought from the shop. Warriors can defeat monsters in combat or with spells; the choice is literally up to the player.

The fast paced nature of Otogi 2 is addictive; we cannot believe the pace the game can go at — enemies can literally appear from any angle, and most of the time they do. The game play is truly the best asset of Otogi 2 as it keeps the player playing just to get to that next stage.

The graphics in Otogi 2 are surprisingly brilliant. It is clear that the developer has vast knowledge of the Xbox, as the battles look fantastic and the environments feel truly vibrant, rather than just a created level for a game. We love some of the more intense battles that the player comes across as they look truly epic.

The epic nature of the game would not be as easily achieved without great sound. The game is Asian themed and as such, so is the music. The music is very soft and soothing and extremely atmospheric. We would have liked to have seen custom soundtrack support implemented, just so the player can decide if they want different music.

One of the downfalls of Otogi 2 is the life span. While the main story mode will last a decent amount of time, there really is no other reason to come back except that completing the game lets you play through it again with all your items retained. We think the developer was hoping six characters would mean six different adventures but unfortunately we can’t see many people playing through the game more than once, and if they do they are unlikely to play it through more than twice. There is no Xbox Live support, or even a multiplayer option, which is a bit of a shame; we would have liked to have seen a warrior vs warrior battle as a two player option.

Otogi 2 is a great single player game that everyone should play at least once. The battles are intense, the graphics are awe-inspiring and the game is put together well. However, we feel there are a few disappointments with the game, such as the lack of modes, the lack of Xbox Live support (considering the game is exclusive to Xbox this would have been a brilliant addition) and the lack of a decent two player option. However, if you can look through these few downfalls you are going to enjoy a completely riveting single player experience that really feels as if you’re in the game. Otogi 2 also retails for a smaller RRP ($79.95) than normal, so there really is no excuse why you shouldn’t pick this game up now.
The Score
Otogi 2 is a quality game that has turned out to be much better than its predecessor. It would be a real shame to miss it. 8
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9 years ago
Ive seen alot of trailers for Immortal Warriors and they all look really sweet.

The first one was awesome fun, you get to summon magical beings to assist you in tricky positions such as dragons plus you get some really cool weapons and magic tricks.

Got to love a good hack n' slash icon_razz.gif , I think ill add this game to my 'to get' list.
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