Matt Bassos
06 Oct, 2004

Atari Anthology (Atari 80 Classic games) Preview

Xbox Preview | Retro gaming is coming back!
Atari have had a long and memorable history. If you have been playing games a little longer than the current generation then you might remember back to such Atari arcade classics as Asteroids and Missile Command or the unforgettable Atari consoles, which included many popular titles. Whether or not you were a part of this gaming era it is undeniable that Atari impacted the world of gaming significantly, and while Atari Anthology will not appeal to everyone (especially those brought up on the current generation of consoles) it looks like it will be one of the best retrospective games ever.

Atari Anthology will offer you 85 of the best retro Atari games that you will probably ever find in one compilation. The games are straight ports from the originals you probably still have memories of. Atari Anthology includes a remarkable array of game categories, including action, adventure, sporting, puzzle, and space. Atari seem like they have tried to get a great variety of games onto the disc, and some titles appearing are quite rare.

While the games found on Atari Anthology lack the impressive visuals, high-quality sound and other features that console games can offer us today, Atari Anthology nostalgic appeal will remind us why these games were so popular in the first place, which just happens to be their addictive gameplay. “Old school” gamers who can remember playing these games in the past will probably get a kick out of playing their old favorites again and the game is guaranteed to be retailed at a budget price.

We have come a long way haven't we

We have come a long way haven't we
Like most retrospective games, Atari Anthology marketing strategy will be directly aimed at those who have played the games in the past. Still if you haven’t experienced any of Atari’s classics before then Atari Anthology will offer you the chance to play the games that opted for challenging gameplay over fancy graphics.

Atari Anthology looks like it will be a game that will deliver retro gaming at it’s finest. Scheduled for a November release for both the Xbox and the Playstation 2, Atari Anthology won’t appeal to everyone but looks like a game that should be enjoyed by “old school” gaming purists, or those willing the give a try to some of the most classics games in history.

The following Atari titles will be included in Atari Anthology.

Arcade Games:

Asteroids Deluxe
Black Widow
Crystal Castles
Lunar Lander
Major Havoc
Missile Command
Red Baron
Super Breakout
Space Duel

Atari 2600 Games:

3D Tic-Tac-Toe
A Game of Concentration
Air-Sea Battle
Basic Programming
Canyon Bomber
Circus Atari
Crystal Castles
Demons to Diamonds
Dodge 'Em
Double Dunk
Flag Capture
Fun With Numbers
Haunted House
Home Run
Human Cannonball
Math Gran Prix
Maze Craze
Miniature Golf
Missile Command
Night Driver
Radar Lock
Realsports Baseball
Realsports Football
Realsports Tennis
Realsports Volleyball
Sky Diver
Slot Machine
Slot Racers
Space War
Star Raiders
Star Ship
Stellar Track
Street Racer
Submarine Commander
Super Baseball
Super Breakout
Super Football
Swordquest: Earthworld
Swordquest: Fireworld
Swordquest: Waterworld
Video Checkers
Video Chess
Video Olympics
Video Pinball
Yars' Revenge

Bonus Games: (Available for the first time since the 1980s)

Desert Falcon
Off the Wall
Looks like it will be an excellent collection of games and provide us with some of the old classics of the past. Just remember that this game will be a collection of retro games and thefore will not appeal to everyone.

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9 years ago
Ahh..the Atari 2600 - what I thought was a supercomputer back in the '70s is now less than a calculator icon_smile.gif I remember playing 'asteroids' with my big brother for hours into the night - thanks for the great review - good gaming memories for us oldies!
9 years ago
heh, i used to have an Atari 7800 when i was younger... it was the first console i ever had (even though we used to call them computers back then)

the 7800 was pretty crap on the games front, very few were released near me, but it was backwards compatible so i had a heap of 2600 games...
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