31 Jul, 2004

Sudeki Review

Xbox Review | PALGN presents the first PAL review of Sudeki, the action RPG from Microsoft.
RPG’s are rarities on the Xbox, and it could be this absence that explains the Xbox's lacklustre performance in Japan. Announced a few years ago now, Sudeki is one of the first RPG’s on the Xbox (with only Knights of the old Republic and Morrowind being the notable exceptions), and Microsoft is hoping that Sudeki will drive you away from Final Fantasy and .Hack. So is Sudeki the start of something good for Microsoft or should you wait until Fable is released later in the year?

Sudeki has been in development for well over two years and sees four heroes (a wizardress, a soaring gunslinger, a powerful swords man and a dark huntress) joined together to battle for the survival of the land. So what does Sudeki feature that other RPG’s don’t? Sudeki features bigger worlds and more powerful heroes - from the outset, this is a world that's instantly immersive, detailed and vast.

Sudeki’s storyline is complicated and becomes easier to understand as you progress through the game. Your team must navigate to defeat the evil Aklorians, who are on a quest to defeat all that is light. The two worlds have been ripped apart and shadow battles light. Sudeki is a very intense RPG with not much time for the player to think. It features over 65 unique enemies which range from the Undead to a 90-foot Serpentine Siren. The enemies can assume just about any shape and look great, and a lot of work has gone into making the enemies look different to any other RPG.

Sudeki takes place in six worlds: Haskilia, Illumina Castle, Illumina Countryside, New Brightwater, Akloria and the Realm of Shadows. Each of these worlds is highly detailed and unique, and they all look very different to each other which means the environments never look overly familiar. The story in Sudeki is unique and full of surprises and plot twists. Unfortunately though, these promised plot twists don’t happen as often as they should and only really start to gain pace near the end of the story.

The game play is extremely quick fire and responsive. Gamers used to slow-paced, more sedate RPG’s will need to re-adjust, there are plenty of moves to get used too ranging from weapon moves, firing a shot, blocking and strafing. Combo attacks are more powerful and also tend to make battles more intense. Eleven status effects also affect your character during battle, these include slowing down your enemies and inflicting double damage upon them.

Characters are also able to be equipped with new weapons, spells and items. Sudeki also features spirit strikes which are a more powerful way of striking your opponents. The Spirit Strike Bar (SSP Bar) replenishes by killing enemies. When the SSP bar is full, it allows the character to cast two status strikes or a single damage-causing strike. One of the most bizarre development decisions in Sudeki is the fact that when a player battles a boss they are only allowed to use one character. The rest of the game allows the player to use all four, so we don’t understand the logic behind this decision.

When Microsoft first announced Sudeki they boasted about the fact the graphics engine had been recreated from the very ground up. This is apparent with the environments looking very detailed and colourful. The world’s aren’t as dark as other RPG’s and quickly change to set the storyline.

The score in Sudeki is very dramatic and sets the scene of the game well. The voice overs are adequate and European which makes for a change. The music in Sudeki often runs unnoticed and steps up severely for intense moments like boss battles.

One of the problems with Sudeki is the lifespan, after the RPG is finished there isn’t anything which will make the gamer return, which is a bit of a disappointment. Sudeki features no Xbox Live compatibility for downloading new items or characters which is a bit disappointing and could have drawn the gamer back to the title more often after completion.

Sudeki had a lot of potential. It has been in development for a few years now and looks great visually but is let down by a slow start . There are a few RPG’s coming out exclusively for the Xbox in the next six months, such as Knights of the old Republic 2 and Fable and we are convinced that after they are released Sudeki will disappear from the minds of gamers. However, gamers in Australia will be pleased to know they can pick up Sudeki at a RRP of $69.95 which is an appreciated bonus. Overall Sudeki is a good title that will keep RPG fans pleased… while it lasts.
The Score
Fable is on the horizon but for now Sudeki is a decent RPG at a budget price, proving that not all budget titles are poor. 7
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9 years ago
looks quite nice...

weren't the Baldur's Gate: DA games released on XBox too?
9 years ago
Just a point to the guest, If you wish for me to prove i have played the game i will take a photo of the box / disk / game in action. Although he did make one point which i amended. icon_smile.gif
9 years ago
damn, now i'm wishing i saw the guest's post... icon_smile.gif
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