16 Jul, 2004

Fable bonus disc heading for Europe

Xbox News | But we're no clearer on a PAL release date.
Microsoft UK have been unable to specify a date for the European release of adventurous Lionhead RPG Fable, yet insist the game is still on track to be released at some point in October, a few weeks after the game launches in the US on September 17th. More positively, it's been confirmed that those who pre-order the game in either region will be receiving a bonus 'making of' DVD, featuring documentaries, interviews and demos and trailers for other Xbox games.

Though we're assured the bonus disc will be made available to European Xbox owners, Microsoft haven't yet settled on how to initiate the pre-order campaign. When it does finally arrive here, lucky customers can expect a hoard of goodies, including interviews with Lionhead CEO Peter Molyneux and Simon Carter and Ian Lovett, co-founders of developer (and Lionhead satellite studio) Big Blue Box. The disc is also set to include playable demos of other Xbox titles including RalliSport Challenge 2, Sudeki and Topspin, alongside E3 trailers for MechAssault 2, Forza Motosport, Jade Empire, and Conker: Live and Reloaded.

More news as it breaks.

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