29 Feb, 2004

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Review

Xbox Review | EA releases their third James Bond game. Do they bring everything or nothing?
EA took over the reign of developing James Bond games after Rare. This was a task in itself and they did a decent job, though neither Agent Under Fire or Nightfire eclipsed the brilliance of Goldeneye, even after all these years. Taking a completely different route, EA have developed Everything or Nothing with a 3rd person view. It is good to see EA showing a little initiative, but is it good enough to win back fans who were unimpressed by EA's last efforts?

Save the world, get the girl, you know the drill

What would a James Bond game be without the wild storyline and the threat of the destruction of Earth? EON features a story about a nanobot which could be used to change the fate of the world if it is not recovered. The new third person view allows you to see a 360 degree of the action and also allows your character more options when in levels. It is set out in the same way Nightfire was, with a central hub directing you from each level. Each level also has different difficulty levels and success rewards.

EON features a new Bond sense which pauses the action and allows you to view the scope of your task. This is a great new addition which is used in the game more than expected. There are times where you simply must use Bond sense or risk death. EON features on-foot missions, driving missions and even RC Car missions.

EON also features the voices and faces of Pierce Brosnan, Willem Dafoe, Shannon Elizabeth, John Cleese and Judi Dench, this makes the game feel a lot more like the films. In James Bond: Nightfire, Pierce Brosnan looked slightly lacking, but in EON his face looks extremely accurate. The driving missions are split up evenly throughout game and add to the storyline rather than feeling like an un-necessary addition. There are also times where 007 will need to race in a car or on a motorbike. EON also features four areas around the world to travel to, from Egypt, Peru, New Orleans and a finale in Moscow.

Nano Suit

EON plays brilliantly - the Bond sense, multiple enemies and interactive environments make EON very intense. At times multiple enemies can be shooting at you while you're chasing down an enemy. Instead of having to make a decision immediately, gamers can switch into Bond sense and look at the whole picture. Hand-to-hand combat is also possible and this has a few moves which are a silent way of removing enemies. Bond can lean against walls and crouch on the ground.

With John Cleese present in the game this could only mean one thing – gadgets. There are seven gadgets than Bond can be equipped with. These range from climbing tools, thermal vision and sleeper darts. The best gadget in the game is the Nano Suit which renders Bond invisible, however moving to quickly will break the effect of the suit and send a hoarde of enemies after you.

The three difficulty levels ensure that gamers will return to complete missions, but if you fail a mission then you risk being placed back at the beginning. This means another cutscene (one which was viewed probably less than five minutes ago) and restarting the mission. After failing a few times this can become very tedious and adds an element of repetition to EON. Most gamers will not get through a mission on the first attempt, and EON can become very frantic at times. Completing parts of the game unlocks many items including weapon upgrades, production stills and unlimited ammo. This will keep gamers returning to make sure they can get everything out of EON that EA have added.

Wow, he actually looks like Bond this time…

As mentioned earlier EA have done a remarkable job of making all the characters look like there real life counter-parts. All environments look good but the standout are the flames, they look great. Thermal vision looks good as well and adds to the spy element of the game. The environments are varied enough to remain fresh and look great. Players can feel like they are actually in Moscow or New Orleans. The racing levels have been built using the Need For Speed: Underground engine and as such they have turned out to be great levels.

Mya has sung the theme song for EON to make it seem more like a Bond movie. The Bond theme song is still present as well. The voice acting is superb and the sounds of exploding environments and dying enemies is great.

Looks like they gave us everything

EON is a great game. Many people doubted how well the transition would be between 1st person mode and 3rd person mode, but EA have proven the critics wrong. EON contains great presentation, with cut-scenes flowing into parts where gamers will take over. The menus are easy to navigate, there are close to no camera problems and controlling Bond and getting him to do what you want is easy. It would be expected that whatever the game made up for in style, it would lack in substance, but EON has both. The levels are varied enough to replay over and over and with the extra incentives included to keep playing this will motivate you. Everything or Nothing has turned out to be worth the delay.
The Score
Surprisingly great 007 game. EA are not yet up to the calibre of Goldeneye but EON is a step in the right direction. 8
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1 decade ago
I think I'll still stand by that EA can't make decent Bond games at all. However, will this new idea of playing in the reverse role really pay off? Well it seems stupid, which it most likely will be, but I guess I'll get it a chance until I hear other wise.
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