Anthony Capone
04 Nov, 2007

New Star Wars: The Force Unleashed details

360 News | Find out about your character, his companions and targets.
LucasArts has updated the official site for their upcoming lightsaber-swinging action title Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, with details of characters, locations and even some new pictures.

Of the player's character, known only as the Secret Apprentice, the official site says, 'Very little is known about Darth Vader's mysterious apprentice. Vader has spent years personally training the Apprentice in the ways of the Sith, but no other Imperials – including the Emperor himself – know of his existence. Under Vader's harsh tutelage, the Apprentice has all but perfected the fine art of lightsaber combat and has learned to wield many fearsome dark side powers.

'As he grew stronger in the ways of the Force, Vader began testing the Apprentice by sending him on secret missions to dispatch the Dark Lord’s rivals and enemies.' The enemies on Darth Vader's hit list appear to include Jedi Apprentice Maris Brood, General Rahm Kota and Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

Those accompanying the Apprentice on his missions include pilot Juno Eclipse, and a droid known as PROXY, 'who has been the Apprentice's constant companion for many years. Although PROXY's origins are unknown, the droid is a one-of-a-kind unit capable of using advanced hologram technology and built-in servos to alter his appearance, becoming virtually anyone.'

Locations featuring in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed include the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk and colourful Felucia, both of which made appearances in Revenge of the Sith.

In addition to the compulsory lightsaber showdowns, control of the Force is sizing up as one of the main features of the game. In one mission, set in a TIE Fighter Construction Facility, players will be given plenty of objects to throw around against enemies.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed takes place between Episode III and Episode IV, and is promising multiple endings based on player actions. The game is slated to be launched sometime next year, and will be available on every platform imaginable, except PC.

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6 years ago
Ahem, Wookiee has two 'e's.

I never really liked the idea of playing as Vader's apprentice (Vader would never take an apprentice, and there are only allowed to be two Sith at a time), but I'm still giddy for the game. A Star Wars game done right is almost the Holy Grail for me.

And Shaak Ti!
6 years ago
While I am totally looking forward to the game, as I've watched it develop, I must say thats its looking worse and worse and my expectations are continually dropping.

The concept is great, but I wish they were just developing it for the 360 and PS3, to really make use of the power.
6 years ago
Shaak Ti died in Episode III. She was killed by General Grivious on the starship. It was a deleted scene. She's my fav jedi (secondary Jedi at least - ones that we don't see too much of) though so I can live with that she's in the game.

Hopefully the Wii version doesn't suck. I'm a tad skeptical but I'll wait until I see more before passing judgement.
6 years ago
Cant wait for this, its been a couple of years since the good batch of Star Wars games came out. Sounds like they have some awesome content for this new game, Kashyyyk is a awesome planet and I can't wait to get in there and hopefully kill some Wookiees icon_lol.gif Hopefully it will be very similar to the Jedi Outcast games as I use to love playing those games.
6 years ago
If you ever get a chance to see the mini documentary for the making of, George himself approved all the major plot points, so it's as canonical as the EU books and so forth.

Besides, he was willing to take Luke as an apprentice icon_wink.gif
6 years ago
Correction -

Every Platform EXCEPT PC.

No PC Version. icon_sad.gif
6 years ago
I feel a cheap cash funnel with this game. I hope to god I'm wrong, but until I play it for myself, I don't have too much hope for this. The main give away that it is merely a revenue machine is the fact that it is on every console (bar PC). I don't think there are many games that have been spread that thin (from initial development) that are of any real quality.

We'll see though...
6 years ago
I checked out the site, it does look promising. I like the idea of playing an evil dude from the start.

Could be promising.
6 years ago
What? no PC? damn....oh well I'll have to get this for PS3....I hope there's not too much aiming involved lol
6 years ago
I thought the Emperor knew everything through the Force? Sh*t! He could even predict crap!?

Surely if this Vader's apprentice guy is so powerful in the Force that he could bring down a Star Destroyer, the Emperor would sense him in a snap. Who actually gives a crap? Well no one, but im emphasizing DrTim's point of how they're churning out anything to make a quick buck.

I dont hold high hopes for this at all.
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