16 Oct, 2007

Moto GP 07 Review

360 Review | First place?
If you’re an Australian who is a fan of the Moto GP series then there is a lot to smile about right now. Aussie Casey Stoner is the Moto GP World Champion for 2007, which has rekindled Australian interest in the Moto GP series. While Stoner’s victory is one of hopefully many, the team behind the Moto GP series have been finishing in first position for a long time. That was of course until last year, when MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 2006 was released. The next generation debut for the Moto GP series was okay, but left plenty of room for improvement. 18 months later Climax has released Moto GP 07 but is the game worth picking up or are fans best advised to stick to the action on the television?

Anyone who has played a previous Moto GP title knows what to expect from Moto GP 07. The game features two distinctly different career modes; Grand Prix and Extreme. Only the Grand Prix mode is available from the start of Moto GP 07 and players can select from a quick race, a time trial or play through a racing career or through an entire championship. Completing the Grand Prix mode will unlock the faster, more dangerous extreme mode. A training mode has also made it into the game, which should help those who are new to the series and a challenge mode has also been included. In terms of gameplay options, Moto GP 07 features a sufficient number of game options that haven't changed too much from last year's game. Those who like to modify vehicles will be happy to know the game does allow you to head to the workshop, with a variety of options open to players who want to adjust and fine tune their bike.

Probably not a good angle to race from.

Probably not a good angle to race from.
In terms of the gameplay a few little modifications have been made to the game. Handling the bikes is the same as previous years, so the analog sticks are used for both braking and accelerating; a system that has worked well in previous Moto GP titles. The cornering seems like it has been improved a tad as well. When exiting from corners the back end of your bike will move a little which serves as a reminder to players if they are about to wipeout. This new effect isn't entirely helpful though and ends up feeling like an unnecessary inclusion. A new race telemetry option has been included in Moto GP 07 which allows the player to assess their performance at any given track. Essentially, when you select this option you can see parts of the track where you've gone off or where you have completed a personal best time.

Thankfully the framerate, which was at times extremely frustrating in Moto GP 06 has been improved. There are still occasional frame rate issues, although they are nowhere near as frequent as in Moto GP 06. It's still a little disappointing that even though the Xbox Moto GP games ran at 60FPS without any frame rate hitches, the Xbox 360 versions still don't. The AI is still unfortunately extremely unpredictable. It's not uncommon to win a race quite comfortably and then the next race struggle to get near the racers you've just beaten in the previous race. It feels a bit like the game is purposely trying to close up the championship at times, which ends up feeling unfair.

So which position am I in again?

So which position am I in again?
The real main drawcard for Moto GP 07 is the online mode, which is as good as ever. In fact, the online play has had the most changes, with the addition of tournaments and online pink slip racing. Pink slip races are exactly what they sound like, races where the winner gets to keep the loser's extreme mode bike. The normal ranked matches are also present but it's the tournaments which will have most players entertained online. Online tournaments have specific restrictions, such as the European Classic, which only allows Marcuccilli and Vechioni extreme bikes. Moto GP 07 also supports up to sixteen players online. The main advantage of online play is the fact that you are racing against real people, rather than the extremely unpredictable AI.

Graphically Moto GP 07 looks better than its predecessor. Aside from the improved frame rate the crowd now looks a whole lot better and little background details, like planes flying above the tracks, add to the impressiveness. The bikes and riders also look brilliant. As usual, the bikes also sound fantastic but the soundtrack is one to be muted.

Even if you just play Moto GP 07 for the single player there is enough content to keep most players entertained for a long while. Firstly there is the Grand Prix mode, then the extreme option as well as the challenges. Online play is sure to keep many glued to the television and is as intense as ever. Moto GP 07 is also a game that won't be popular with achievement junkies. Points are hard to earn and getting the full 1000 points is a feat very few players will achieve.

The extreme mode tracks are very impressive.

The extreme mode tracks are very impressive.
Despite the score, Moto GP 07 is better than its predecessor. The only problem is that there has been very little done to actually improve and revolutionise the series. Arguably the series capped with Moto GP 3, but if we are going to see yearly updates it would be good if there were a few more changes. Yes, the frame rate has improved and there are a few minor changes to Moto GP 07 and if you didn't pick up last year's game then we'd have no hesitation in recommending the game. Those who have played any of the previous Moto GP titles shouldn't go in expecting a revolution. It's much like if a bike goes into the pits really, it comes out with a fresh set of tires and some more fuel, but it doesn't come out with a new paintjob and a new rider. Not yet anyway.
The Score
Overall Moto GP 07 is better than its predecessor, but only just. 7
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6 years ago
It certainly looks better than 06, some people may be turned off by the Forza for bikes nature of the game, but if you stick with it, extreme mode is a good reward. Probably not, as is the case a lot these days, a huge leap over the last version. The jury is still out for me on the PGR4 bikes, so if you're a bike nut I'd probably get this, even though PGR4 does take a huge dump on this in every other aspect. 7 for me as well.
6 years ago
I snapped this up instantly on the PC and was disappointed by the game's poor coding. It sputters and jerks at the exact same parts of the races no matter how low your settings are. It is genuinely a step down from the 360 version which disappoints me, as I expected Climax's final MotoGP hoorah to be something a cut above it's predecessors. I guess ill pick it up in a few years time if I ever get a 360.
6 years ago
After just recently playing through MotoGP '06 and enjoying it quite thoroughly, I'm definitely interested in getting my hands on this version. It may be a little too soon to make the purchase I think as I don't want to tire out of playing bike games ('06 and PGR 4 which obviously also has bikes), but I think a purchase down the line will happen for sure. Oh and I'll do whatever I can to get the full 1000 from it too... icon_wink.gif
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