Jeremy Jastrzab
26 Jul, 2007

Shadowrun update Live

360 News | Out now.
Microsoft's multiplayer shooter/platform-synthesiser Shadowrun has received a title update, which applies to the XBox 360 version with Vista users having to wait a little longer for a patch.

The update boasts two main changes. The first is that there is said to be a "200 to 300 percent" improvement on the time spent waiting for the matchmaking process to take place. The second is that there is meant to be much clearer status messaging. Furthermore, there is meant to be much less of a pause when a new player joins a game in progress and parties should remain together much more consistently.

Othe minor changes include:

  • Artefacts clear bodies in attrition mode.
  • Apparently, potential loopholes that were open to exploitation have been sealed-up, though the developers were unwilling to "elaborate" on this.
  • Crashing and Locking issues have been cleaned up, so now some of the more difficult achievements won't be lost.
  • Dwarf hint text and localisation issues have been fixed.
  • Clearer feedback should be available upon joining a full game.
  • You will no longer be kicked out for inactivity if you're still in the lobby when a game starts.
  • Smartlink HUD will now show up with the second, third and fourth controllers.
  • There have been some improvements with the bot-brains.

The update will be available to download off Xbox Live, and players will be prompted to download it when they fire up their game.

Shadowrun is the first game that can be played over Xbox Live and the home PC (with Vista) and despite the score, it's worth checking out the review to see if the game is your cup of tea.

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6 years ago
Ummm, might want to update the article to say 'went live 2 days ago' and double check a few things.

The patch hit 2 days ago around 6PM Australian time (same time as when Live had major problems as well). The patch indeed helps with a lot of matchmaking issues making it a lot faster to find games. All the 'boasts' are correct and it runs very very nicely now.

Check http://forums.shadowrun.com/forums/thread/108185.aspx for details.
6 years ago
Hey Leon, I've edited this mate, thanks for the heads up
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