14 Jun, 2007

SoulCalibur IV confirmed

360 News | Trickles of information revealed.
1Up has confirmed that SoulCalibur IV is coming to both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 in 2008. The game is a direct sequel and not a spin off title like SoulCalibur: Legends which is coming to the Wii.

"SoulCalibur has been a cornerstone franchise for Namco Bandai Games and this latest edition will build upon its legacy of groundbreaking fighting experiences," said Makoto Iwai, exec. VP and COO at Namco Bandai Games America. "With SoulCalibur IV, long-time fans and newcomers to the franchise will be amazed by its visual beauty and intense, pulse pounding weapon combat."

When we said trickles of information we meant it. All we know at the moment is that Ivy, Mitsurugi and Nightmare are all characters that are confirmed to be returning, there will also be a bundle of new characters. The game will feature a new battle system, interactive stages and enhanced AI.

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6 years ago
Damn, now I'll really have to get my hands on one of these systems. Maybe Namco can port SC3 to the Wii as well while they're at it. Legends is cool and all but ninty fans need more fighting love, as well as a some joystick support to.
6 years ago
Yay I get to play with Ivy again.This should be bloody awesome on PS3.
6 years ago
SC3 was my favorite tournament fighter of the last console generation.

It’s a genre I’m no good at so I appreciated the difficulty curve, and rewards, of its quest mode. I found it possible but challenging. I’m sure if I was any good at the game, or played the series before, it would have gotten tedious but as I say it was just within my reach.

I’ll be keeping my good eye on this one.
6 years ago
SC IV - can't come soon enough imo.

I play SCIII religiously everyday but unfortunately with no online play my claim to fame is limited to friends & work m8's as the no.1 ranked player.

Fingers X'd that online will be a feature in the next gen version because you're on for a real treat, or should I say relentless onslaught of PAIN!

Luke, we must have a game when you next visit!
6 years ago
I finished Soul Calibur 2 on Gamecube 100% and very much enjoyed it even though I'm still a hopeless player. Looking forward to this on 360.
6 years ago
Ivy looks a bit different.. icon_lol.gif . Though I can't wait for this, I enjoyed III very much so I'll look forward to this soon
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