Neil Booth
14 Jun, 2007

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Preview

360 Preview | A quick look at Infinity Ward's latest slugfest.
If you take Medal of Honour: Allied Assault as the first WWII first-person shooter, it means that the digital version of World War II has been raging for about five and half years - only six months less than the real thing. You could, at a stretch, argue that Wolfenstein 3D kicked it all off in 1992 but either way, it's safe to say that there have been more than enough WWII games - FPS and otherwise - to keep us occupied over the past few years.

So it's encouraging to see that the Call of Duty franchise is taking a bold step forward with the upcoming release of Call of Duty 4: Let's Sit Down and Talk This Over Before It Gets Nasty. Sorry, slip of the keyboard there. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - there we go, much better.

Comrade Ivanovic once again forgot to turn the oven off.

Comrade Ivanovic once again forgot to turn the oven off.
The CoD games have gained a reputation as being very intense, possibly even harrowing, games. Not as harrowing or intense as, you know, actually storming the beaches of Normandy, but as near as any sane person would want to get. CoD has always taken a certain delight in throwing huge amounts of hot death at you while mowing down your virtual comrades like so many daisies. So it's both very excting and a little intimidating to imagine modern automatic weaponry and hi-tech war gear in the hands of the CoD death machine.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the most intense, visceral title we’ve ever created,” says Jason West, Infinity Ward's co-studio head and project lead. Crikey. West promises a hectic and varied experience throughout the game, seeing you "fast-roping" into war zones from hovering Blackhawks, sniping while wearing a Ghillie suit - wearable shrubbery, basically - or laying into the bad guys from the comfort of an AC-130 gunship from a few thousand feet up. Hardly seems fair, but no doubt you'll soon find yourself trapped in a ruined building in downtown Foreignplaceistan by a horde of angry locals with strong views on global politics.

The time frame seems to be contemporary rather than near-future - no hover tanks, motherships or giant robots in this one - and will take the player to "the world's most treacherous hotspots." There's a definite Middle Eastern look to some of the screenshots, with others suggesting more chilly and forested Eastern European locations. No word yet on how many missions or locales the game will take you through.

It wasn't quite the romantic weekend for two that Helen had expected.

It wasn't quite the romantic weekend for two that Helen had expected.
Speaking of screenshots (see below), they certainly look visceral and intense, and we can't wait to see it all in motion. The developers are using every trick in the book to make sure your socks and undies (and maybe a limb or two) are well and truly blown off - depth of field, rim-lighting, character self-shadowing, real time post-processing, texture streaming and physics-enabled effects. Which all means, well, we're not entirely sure, but rest assured that all the carnage will look lovely. PC owners, feel free to take a moment here to roll the word "upgrade" around your mind. No system specs have been announced yet, and the CoD games have a history of not being too resource hungry, but when developers use a phrase like "photo-realistic gaming experience", wallets around the world start squeaking in protest.

Multiplayer will also be included, though details are scarce. Call of Duty 4 will, according to the PR blurb, bring "a new level of depth to multiplayer" but just what that is, we'll have to wait and see.

It all looks very encouraging, and it's good to see Infinity Ward back at the helm of Call of Duty. The game is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Spring 2007 (that'd be sometime during or after this September). More info and updates as they happen can be found at the game's official website www.charlieoscardelta.com and PALGN will continue to bring you all the latest CoD 4 news as the game nears release.
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare seems to have a good chance of taking the traditionally intense CoD gameplay into the modern era. With Infinity Ward leading the charge, this is one to look forward to.

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6 years ago
Very detailed. Haven't played CoD 2 or 3 but looks a treat.
6 years ago
Big fan of the first and second game, skipped the third after some bad reviews. I'm looking forward and hoping taht the mulitplayer on Live wins where BF2: Modern Combat lost. Fingers crossed.
6 years ago
Commies seem to be everywhere of late, experiencing a real revival. I guess its a sign of nostalgia for the cold war.
6 years ago
Maybe it's tapping into future markets? Russia's one of the four big up and coming markets (along with China, India and Brazil), so why not warm the game players there to the idea of ebing able to play themselves?
6 years ago
Man this game looks cool, im really looking forward to it. Im actually fed up of World War shooters but I still bought COD2 and 3 just for the mechanics and how the games really capture the action of war. So its really enticing having it set in the present to me - cant wait.
6 years ago
hahahha, Comrade Ivanovic. Love it. even though it's practically a send up of my own background, I find it humerous.

And what a shock. I'm actually EXCITED about a CoD game. Wow.
6 years ago
MIkes wrote
Maybe it's tapping into future markets? Russia's one of the four big up and coming markets (along with China, India and Brazil), so why not warm the game players there to the idea of being able to play themselves?
But that would require portraying communists and the Soviet Union in a balanced light, I'm not sure a Western development company could or would do that icon_sad.gif

Is Russia really growing that much as a gaming market though? Much of the country seems too poor and piracy is rampant.
6 years ago
I don't know, I was just throwing it out there.

The russians were portrayed pretty decently in BF2: Special Forces. Not a Chechen in sight *ducks*
6 years ago
its bout time they do something in our days, the oldendys were gettin crap but lol ive never played call of duty b4 but still its good their doin 'modern' warfare. i hate all war games tho except for resistance which was really good by the way
6 years ago
^ dont be hatin before you played icon_razz.gif
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