05 Jun, 2007

POP Classic coming to XBLA next week

360 News | If only we could manipulate the sands of time.
Ubisoft has sent word that Prince of Persia Classic for the Xbox Live Arcade should be available next week on the download service. Prince of Persia Classic first caught our attention a few weeks ago when Ubisoft revealed the game was coming to the Live Arcade.

The game will feature new enemies, traps and puzzles. The visuals have also seen a marked improvement and will be done in the style of the previous three Prince of Persia titles.

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6 years ago
Bah next week, I want it this week icon_sad.gif
6 years ago
Woohoo, awesome news. Should be a cracker.
6 years ago
So soon! Clearly all my sacrifices (beer) to the Dark Masters (my stomach) has paid off, and in future this behaviour should be repeated!


Can't wait.
6 years ago
Looking foward to this one.
6 years ago
That's great! icon_biggrin.gif

But did Ubisoft also send word that the Turtles arcade game would be coming along with it (or maybe the week before instead)? icon_pray.gif
6 years ago
Oh wow awesome news. I was just playing Prince of Persia on my mobile before I came online, the games are great and it looks great done up. Hopefully ill be able to gather enough cash to buy it when it comes out.
6 years ago
This is great news, comes out a day after my bday. So a nice late bday gift for myself. I'll have to buy some more points though as I've basically run out icon_lol.gif
6 years ago
Awesome. Glad I got myself all pointed up the other day.
6 years ago
Seems good, what's going being put on this week but?
6 years ago
And once again Nismo needs more Microsoft Points. Becoming quite a trend, it is...
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