01 Jan, 2007

Gears of War most played title on Xbox Live for 06

360 News | Uno the top arcade title.
Major Nelson, the Xbox Live Director of Programming, has revealed via his blog that the top Xbox 360 Live title (based on unique users) is Gears of War, Gears of War only launched a few months ago, so this is a stunning achievement.

Closely following Gears was Hexic HD (which comes bundled with the Xbox 360 premium pack), Call of Duty 2, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Oblivion, PGR3 and Perfect Dark Zero. The most popular Xbox Live Arcade titles were Uno, Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting, Geometry Wars Evolved, Marble Blast Ultra and Pac-Man.

Once again, the top Xbox title was Halo 2; this isn't something we see changing in the near future.

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7 years ago
UNO > everything.

Its pretty funny that GoW has been played by more people than the game pre loaded on the console.

f**king wii putting the .com at the end of all my posts.com
7 years ago
Good stuff. I've noticed a sudden influx of Aussie Gearheads, so that makes me and my ping pretty happy..and my trigger icon_razz.gif
7 years ago
How could anyone pass up playing Gears online? Especially with the PALGN boys.
7 years ago
Jim Dash wrote
How could anyone pass up playing Gears online? Especially with the PALGN boys.
Yup, but played a few onlines games on a friend's account, I dont feel like I want to get called "bitch" anymore. Plus I cant justify a live gold account price if idiots keep coming.
7 years ago
You can't let that stop you man..you get the good with the bad. Sometimes, yes, you will get absolute wankers, and othertimes you'll make mates online.

Just how it goes. Man, how many kangaroo jokes have I heard now?
7 years ago
If you're going to give up on something just because you encounter a few jerks then you should probably give up on life too. Just as with any other leisure pursuit, if you find a good group of people (hint: PALGN is a good place to start) and enjoy that pursuit with those friends, chances are you'll have a good time.
7 years ago
True, I guess so but I still reckon that if I had to pay so and so for live connection I want at least guys like that knocked off. I dont mind cursing, if its done right like with your own friends and so on. Main reason I'm mad, if I do pay for it I just dont want my cousins and family jumping online and getting that kinda chat, they're small by the way.

By the way I did kill that guy in that game, even though he was in my team.
7 years ago
There are heaps of features you can use to stop that, muteing them, reporting them, etc.
7 years ago
nikack wrote
There are heaps of features you can use to stop that, muteing them, reporting them, etc.
See I would never get that, since I just had vivid experience on a friend's xbox. My xbox is coming is soon, so I deciede after that, especially since I'm using my monitor as my HDTV so I can get reroute my computer.
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