Phil Larsen
26 Oct, 2006

New FPS from the creators of Oblivion

360 News | Customisable maps over Xbox Live.
Bethesda, acclaimed developers of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, are the hot topic yet again. Teaming with Zombie Studios, an all-new first-person shooter entitled Rogue Warrior has been officially unveiled in the latest issue of Xbox 360 The Official Xbox Magazine, according to CVG.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 3, Rogue Warrior is a team-based, counter-terrorist shooter. No prizes for originality, but some impressive Xbox Live online features will be implemented. RW has four-player Live co-op and firing room for up to 24 players online.

To mix things up a little, Bethesda and Zombie have zealously revealed a multiplayer tiling system, which allows players to customise maps based on different sections of pre-existing areas - "tiling" them all together. Each level will be made up from three sections, chosen separately. You choose one, the opposing team picks another, and a random generator will decide the final field of battle from over 200 possibilities.

For surprise and strategy, the opposition will be unaware which section you are picking until the game begins, and vice versa. According to the developers, this will reduce tedium from replaying the same popular maps over and over, and generate some unpredictable multiplayer mayhem.

So far, the best release window we have is sometime in 2007, so stick with us for future updates.

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7 years ago
icon_eek.gif icon_eek.gif icon_eek.gif

That sounds very interesting indeed. The idea of having maps that change sounds like a an awesome idea.
7 years ago
I'm totally uninterested in 'team-based, counter-terrorist shooter's - but that map tiling sounds like a brilliant idea. If they pull it off well, with map sections that aren't all just the same terrian with small variations, then this could well become the next king of Live! gaming.
Also, Bethesda have done well with FPSs in the past, even if they only got mediocre ratings at the time.
7 years ago
Cool randomising idea. That should be implemented into more Multiplayer games (if these guys do it well that is).
7 years ago
Yeah i agree that the part where both sides choose a 'tileset' then they get randomly put together sounds like a great idea.
It stops exploits and keeps you constantly on your toes.

Congrats for some originality for once.
7 years ago
Could make for some interesting stages.

Space Station and Forest... GO!

Valley and Rooftops... GO!
7 years ago
Sewers and Hospital... GO!
Church and Pub... GO!

LMAO! icon_lol_old.gif
Love the "GO!" icon_lol_old.gif
7 years ago
Oblivion is game of the year IMO, but Bethesda need some more classics under their belt before they become the kind of developer that makes me sit up and pay attention every time their name is attached to a piece of work, such as Square, Bioware or Rockstar. Even Nintendo don't have that level of praise for me; there's too much crappy Mario Party and the like to really be excited every time their name drops. Which I guess is a good thing, since my love for them comes on pure credit alone.

Okay, so they make good Elder Scrolls games. I'll keep an eye on this one, but it'll be a definite "lots of reviews and video-watching before purchase" kind of game.
7 years ago
Hope this doesn't delay Fallout 3....
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