08 Jun, 2006

New Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter content released

360 Competition | To celebrate we're giving away five copies of the game.
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter is one of the best selling games on the Xbox 360. The game is set to get even better, with Ubisoft sending word that the latest downloadable content will be available shortly.

The new downloadable content (which is set for release in just a few weeks time) includes four new multiplayer co-op missions. The first mission is set in a coffee plantation during the day. The coffee plantation is embedded deep in Nicaragua and is littered with cover options. The overall goal of this mission is to eliminate the arms dealer and shut down his operations. The main cover option will be the plantation house which is located in the centre of the level.

The second mission takes place at a shipping port in the evening. The objective for the Ghosts is to stop the enemy from smuggling weapons into the country. To do this though you'll need to interact with rebel troops through warehouses, decks of shipes and on massive shipping cranes. The fact that the mission is set in the evening means that it will be a lot more difficult to spot enemies and take them out.

The third mission puts the Ghosts in a jungle area that the Rebel forces have infiltrated and are using for storing and shipping out illegal weapons. The goal of the Ghosts is to secure the warehouse facility that holds crucial information concerning the placement and shipment of weapons. As the player weaves through the jungle and eliminates the patrols of enemies, they must also destroy all the weapon shipments and keep the Rebels from extracting from the area. Massive trees, loads of weapon shipments, and enemy transports are unique characteristics of this mission.

One of the dashing new areas.

One of the dashing new areas.
The last mission in the co-op campaign chapter takes place in a mine that is vital to the Rebel force’s regime and the Ghosts are tasked with securing the area, destroying the weapons, and eliminating the Rebel leader. The central location on this map is the mine itself and it provides a place for multi-tiered gameplay surrounded by good cover.

The game also includes eight revisited, relit multiplayer adversarial maps. 8 of the best maps have been revisited and relit which creates an entirely new gameplay experience. The new locations are: Fishing Village (Dusk), Wharf (Late day), Old Town (Morning), Nowhere (Evening), Coffee Plantation (Evening), Shipping Port (Sunset), River Depot (Day) and Jungle Mines (Evening). We insist that Nowhere is actually a location though just in case you're wondering..

The new update will also add a few new game types, such as Team Blind Siege and Team Battle. Two new camouflage patterns (Canadian CADPAT and British DPM) will also be selectable so this lets you further customise your character. There will also be four new character faces with new camo patterns which should mean your character has the potential to look even more damaging.

Finally, the game will also include five new weapons, if you ask us this is the best part of the download and it includes :

SR-25 SD: (Marksman)
This weapon is lethal, accurate and quiet and is single shot and has 8X and 16X zoom as well as 20 rounds per mag with 10 mags.

M468 (Rifleman):
The M468 is an updated version of the standard US carbine but it uses a larger round to provide greater lethality against armored and unarmored targets. There are 28 rounds per mag, with 10 mags and single shot and full auto as well as 3X zoom.

M468 / M320 (Grenadier):
The grenadier is a standard M468 with a M320 attached grenade launcher. This mean the weapon becomes a versatile dual-purpose firing platform. The gun uses 28 rounds per mag, with 10 mags and single shot and full auto and 3X zoom.

AK-47 LMG (Gunner):
The AK-47 LMG is modified from the classic AK-47 and comes with a 75 round drum magazine. The gun is fully auto only and includes no zoom.

SCAR-H SV (Rifleman):
this version of the SCAR-H rifle comes with a standard barrel and improved optics, which makes it better for long range shooting. The weapon includes 20 rounds per mag, 10 mags and single shot, 2X and 4X zoom.

So as you see can there is a lot of new content to download in the latest update. The download should be available towards the end of June, so not long to go now. We've included the first images of the different missions in the game and this should ensure GRAW stays in our 360 a little longer..

To celebrate this latest update we've teamed up with our PALs at Ubisoft to give away 5 Copies of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. This competition is only open to the Australians and you don't have to be a forum member to enter.

This competition commences immediately, and will conclude on the 30th of June, 2006. One entry is allowed per person. Five (5) winners will be chosen by random and will be notified via private message and / or email. The competition is open in Australia only. PALGN staff members (past and present) and their immediate family are ineligible to win. PALGN is not responsible for lost or damaged mail and the prizes are not redeemable for cash. We reserve the right to substitute any of the prizes but will always do so for a prize of equal value. If you have any queries regarding the competition please email them to luke@palgn.com.au. PALGN reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this competition at any time.

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7 years ago
*crosses fingers really hard!*

The new content sounds pretty good, but I first need the game... icon_wink.gif
7 years ago
Ditto icon_biggrin.gif

*Crosses fingers Harder*
7 years ago
That makes 3 of us icon_wink.gif
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