David Low
31 May, 2006

New Mass Effect screens

360 News | Take me out, to the black...
BioWare's pedigree in western role playing games is almost unmatched, from Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights through to their recent console partnership with Microsoft, which brought some of the best RPGs of the generation in the form of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. Incredibly, these crazy Canadians appear to be exceeding all expectations for their first next gen game, the ambitious sci-fi action RPG Mass Effect for the Xbox 360. And we've got ourselves some new screens, which are looking even better then what was already looking good at E3.

Set in a distant future, the game world seems to resemble a comfortable cross between Star Wars and Star Trek, and as usual, BioWare are making sure Mass Effect's universe will be coherent and believable. Plot wise, the game is about the discovery of an alien that could destroy all organic life in the universe. You play as an intergalactic cop called Shepard (we're not sure if his real name is 'Book' yet), and will investigate this menace, meeting many interesting people and uncovering secrets along the way, and probably telling them he ain't coming back.

Unfortunately, there has yet to be a release date, erm, released for Mass Effect, and the game may still be some way off. Given the amount of detail that can go into a next generation game if the developers really care about a product (as BioWare do), then extended development cycles may be something we'll have to get used to. We'll keep you updated if there's any news in the meantime!

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7 years ago
Those screen shots look the most life like I have seen. Hope its an indication of whats to come.

*Random thought * people from the future must pee in their suits because they look like they would take a hour to get on and off.
7 years ago
Don't know why, I cannot get excited with these screenshots (compare to viewing the screenshots of Jade Empire)
7 years ago
k1dcharm wrote
Don't know why, I cannot get excited with these screenshots (compare to viewing the screenshots of Jade Empire)
Funny I'm the exact opposite. This game looks like it is oozing with atmosphere. Jade Empire IMO was a stinky pile of wannabe rubbish. This GAME looks like the real deal. Certainly looks a tonne better then Too Human...
7 years ago
Don't forget about John Shepard ... squeeze some Stargate Atlantis references in there! "and probably telling them he ain't coming back. " made me giggle.
7 years ago
Glad someone got the jokes!
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