Jeremy Jastrzab
12 May, 2006

E3 2006: Dead Rising hands-on

360 Feature | We go hands-on with a different zombie killer.
Earlier this week, we brought you a hands-on preview of the Capcom 360 venture, Lost Planet. Another one of the games that Microsoft is hoping will help out their Japanese position is Dead Rising. Another from the stables of Keiji Inafune, not only is it trying to make it’s mark on the Xbox 360 but it is also trying to drop any Resident Evil connections. We’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time with the game.

The game’s storyline is not too far off from re-release of Dawn of the Dead, in that it revolves around a zombie infestation in a shopping mall. The game starts off with a small amount of zombies and a lot of civilians. Over time, there zombie infection spreads and by the end of the game, there will be a huge domination of zombies. You’re waiting for a helicopter to come and save you and you’ve got two choices. Kill as many zombies as you can or continue with the story.

We'd say that she's in trouble.

We'd say that she's in trouble.
The game is based in a shopping mall. The entire mall is your battleground for the game. This leaves you open for all sorts of weapon possibilities. Pretty much each store will have specific weapons for you to utilise. For example, entering a sporting goods store lets you take golf clubs, baseball bats or bowling balls, or a music store will let you take guitars. Stores not only provide weapons but you can go into bookstores and read books for advice or “experience” or you can enter clothing stores and change your attire (we hear that novelty hats are the current rage).

For whatever weapon you have, you’ve got a strong attack or a quick attack. All weapons can be thrown and there are weapons absolutely everywhere. They can range from handguns to even a giant fluffy teddy bear. There are some very creative and humorous ways to deal with zombies, like kicking a soccer ball and watching is bounce off a number of zombies. At any one time, you can carry seven weapons/items for restoration.

Strike or gutter-ball?

Strike or gutter-ball?
Fighting with zombies isn’t the only thing that you’ll be doing. You’re actually a journalist and you’ll be equipped with a camera. It’s there for you to take pictures of certain events, such as a civilian being attacked by a zombie. Take a good picture and you’ll earn some privilege points. The more points, the higher your level and the more new moves and unspecified goodies that you’ll be getting. Graphically, it’s impressive to see how many things are going on the screen at once and there are some impressive physics at work. Still there is still a need for some work.

Dead Rising is a different take on the zombies and horror genre. It’s probably more aimed at having fun rather than giving you a fright. However, the problem with these kinds of games is that they are running off gimmicks. And gimmicks don’t keep your attention for very long. There is enough potential for an enjoyable action romp, so we’ll just have to see how this one turns out.

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7 years ago
Hope its good.. Seems a Little "State of Emergengy-ish" though.
Ill give it a look I think even if I do end up returning it.
7 years ago
^ Yeah exactly what I though when I 1st saw the sreens.
Seems good though, but more like those 2hrs beat-em up then you get bored of it.
7 years ago
Kudos to that Bro.
I mean I know there were missions on SOE but really it was just running back and forth through crowds of looters wasnt it?
They need a Wii version of Manhunt I say icon_smile.gif)

Thatd be the Devils work icon_biggrin.gif lol.
7 years ago
I heard mixed feeling abt this game. Some say fantastic, some say major disappointment.
7 years ago
I say it's fantastic.

I'll probably be picking this up once it hits retail. But I think I'll echo everyones fears of the gameplay wearing thin. I just know that my 10 minutes with the game was very enjoyable, and it was only the tip of the iceburg. Hopefully Microsoft releases a demo of the game so all of you guys can find that out for yourselves.

Somehow, I don't think that will happen though, given the sandbox-like nature of the gameplay.
7 years ago
Cheers Lahiru, Depending on how the Achievement points are set out in this game and also depending on the depth of online capability to interact with other players (i dont think so but it would be kool.)
They might be able to stretch a fair bit out of it if they try.

Look at PGR3 for eg. I dont think I would have played it as much as I did if it wasnt for the G.A. Points, Im not sure if this was the case for others but Im still not Online with 360 yet so Im still not getting the most out of the whole "experience" as yet.

Anyway thanks for the updated post bro as I might get a copy even for trials sake now, given more thought.

Hopefully the physics are nice and fluid and it replicates to some extent the feeling of playing Res. Evil for the first time ever icon_razz.gif
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