10 May, 2006

E3 2006: New information on Bioware's Mass Effect

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Mass Effect is one of them most anticipated games on the Xbox 360. Why? It's a big, epic, make-your-own-choice action-RPG from the makers of Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. With E3 comes a barrage of new information and screenshots, which you can see off to your right.

Like many of Bioware's past games, Mass Effect is very strongly driven by its storyline. Players discover an evil entity on a foreign planet, which will try and change the universe as we know it. Unfortunately, nobody else believes you. So, it's up to the player and a few allies to try and set things right. Of course, players will have to decide what they do in many scenarios, sometimes having to put ethics aside in order to save the universe. Sounds deep.

Of course, there will be plenty of sidequests to undertake. At any time, players can fly off to other planets - some uncharted - in the hopes of finding some fancy new technology, ruins of past incubants, and even aliens.

As you'd expect from Bioware, there are extensive ways to customize your character. Apparently there will be a choice of 'photo-realistic' character appearances and vehicles, as well as plenty of character-unique weapons and armour as a reward system. Of course, characters will level up their primary abilities to unlock additional powers as the game progresses - but you already knew that, didn't you? Oh, Bioware are also claiming that the game will feature some of the first 'true digital actors', thanks to some high quality voice acting and detailed, realistic player animation.

The combat in Mass Effect will be totally real time, and occur in squads. As well as melee and range weapons, there will also be some 'science-based magic', plus weird biotic and technological powers. Seems like an awfully good excuse to pull some pretty light effects out of the Xbox 360, no? Oh, and there will be Xbox Live content downloads, too.

No official date for Mass Effect has been unveiled - here's hoping it's soon.

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