28 Oct, 2005

Spartan confirmed for Dead or Alive 4

360 News | We've even got the first images.
Earlier in the month, we brought you the news that a secret Halo character would be appearing in Tecmo's Xbox 360 launch title Dead or Alive 4.

Whilst we were unable to confirm the characters identity back then, it has only recently been revealed that Spartan will be the playable Halo character in the fighting game.

Apparently, Tecmo plan on telling an in-depth story as to why the Spartan has become into existence of the upcoming Dead or Alive 4 game, which will no doubt be promising.

We've been lucky enough to secure the first eight images of Spartan in action. Dead or Alive 4 will be a launch title for the XBox 360 when it launches in a little under five weeks time.

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8 years ago
I don't know about you guys, but I think that looks pretty cool... It's weird seeing the Chief(ette) in a fighter setting. They should give her an energy sword. That'll spice things up a bit... Fight! (shing, smack) Spartan Wins!

Ryu Vs Spartan

It's a cross over bonanza! There's probably somebody in marketing just rubbing their hands with glee and marvelling at how deviously clever they are.
8 years ago
Welcome to last week. icon_lol_old.gif
8 years ago
Except they were scans from a magazine, and would probably breach a few copyright laws.
8 years ago
Cerebral wrote
Except they were scans from a magazine, and would probably breach a few copyright laws.
Spot On.
8 years ago
That's what the Master Chief should have looked like in Halo 2. Yet, come to think of it and while being on a similar topic, Tecmo should help make Halo 3.
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