26 Jul, 2005

New Xbox 360 games announced

360 News | Resident Evil, Ridge Racer and more confirmed for the 360.
Today marks the beginning of the Xbox Summit 2005 in Tokyo, so expect a mountain of announcements as to why you should buy an Xbox 360 this year (or next year if you're an Australian).

Anyway, we managed to quickly sneak in, steal a list of the games that will be on display and sneak out, so without delay we present all of the titles that will be presented at the Xbox Summit (but we bet there will be some surprises):

Call of Duty 2
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Quake IV

A R C System Works Co. Ltd.
Versus Tactical Action" (working title)
Artdink Corp.
A-Train X

Atari Japan Co. Ltd.
Test Drive Unlimited

Bandai Co. Ltd.
Mobile Suit Gundam(working title)

Banpresto Co. Ltd.
Super Robot Wars (working title)

Biohazard 5 (Resident Evil 5)
Dead Rising
Cavia Inc.
Title TBA

D3 Publisher Inc.
E-D-FX (working title)
Chambara Beauty X (working title)

Title TBA

Electronic Arts
FIFA Soccer 2006
NBA Live 2006
Need for Speed Most Wanted

Idea Factory
Title TBA

Title TBA

Kids Station
Title TBA

Dynasty Warriors 5

Winning Eleven (working title)
Rumble Roses XX (working title)
Proyakyu Spirits (working title)

Marvelous Interactive
Title TBA

Every Party
Project Gotham Racing

Frame City Killer
Ridge Racer 6
Love Football


Genki Co
Shutokou Battle

Far East of Eden Ziria - Tales from Distant Jipang


King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2

Square Enix
Final Fantasy XI

Success Corp
Zoo Keeper
Operation Darkness

World Airforce

Dead or Alive 4
Dead or Alive Xteme 2
Dead or Alive Code Cronus

Saints Row
The Outfit


Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

At the moment the list looks like it may contain some surprises, as well as some no shows. There's no mention of Perfect Dark Zero and Tecmo will be showing off three Dead or Alive titles. Stay with us, as every news piece will be posted on the site.

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8 years ago
Hooray for DOA4! And Quake IV! And Dynasty Warriors 5! And Project Gotham 3!

That's a winning lineup if I ever saw one.
8 years ago
Though hardly an original one
8 years ago
Jeza99 wrote
Though hardly an original one
As true as it is, I don't think it really matters when applied to PGR3 and Quake IV, they'll be different enough.

And there are other original games there, I just never heard of them so assumed they sucked. icon_razz.gif
8 years ago
Zoo Keeper???? That is hilarious! icon_lol.gif (I actually bought it afterall)

That's quite a lineup. 3 new DOA titles? What could they possibly do next? DOA the RPG?? DOA the dating game? Maybe beach volleyball is making a comeback. icon_rolleyes.gif

Isn't the fact that they haven't mentioned Project Dark Zero just a little bit strange, being one of the consoles flagship games and everything. I sure it's still on track, but why the no show?
8 years ago
I'd say it's 'cause the title says New Xbox 360 games announced, but PGR3 was in there. icon_confused.gif
8 years ago
Capoeira wrote
Isn't the fact that they haven't mentioned Project Dark Zero just a little bit strange, being one of the consoles flagship games and everything. I sure it's still on track, but why the no show?
Seeing as though this was announced at the Xbox Summit 2005, which is held in Japan, it isn't a real surprise since Perfect Dark Zero isn't exactly a title that'll 'woah' the Japanese market.
8 years ago
I wouldn't hold my breath for PD Zero as a launch title. We know how punctual Rare is with their games...
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