Chris Leigh
22 Jul, 2005

Team Ninja boss speaks out on Dead or Alive 4

360 News | Xbox 360 fighter to launch alongside hardware in Japan.
In an interview with Famitsu, Team Ninja head honcho Tomonobu Itagaki has spoken once more of his determination to have forthcoming fight-me-do Dead or Alive 4 ready in time for the Japanese launch of the Xbox 360. Sadly, we're no nearer a PAL date.

The game, which will feature more than 20 fighters (including eight new characters designed by Itagaki himself) and will centre around a character called Helena, will be a considerably different experience to previous titles in the series according to Itagaki-san. 'The fighting styles of the characters won't change without changing around their main moves,' Itagaki informed Famitsu. 'It's a real risk. This isn't something that's a small adjustment to the game's balance.'

'Up until now, we were chained to the series' existing framework. But time had passed, and by the period that we were working on Beach Volleyball, we felt that [the framework] didn't matter any more,' explained Itagaki, before cryptically adding, 'We will be [trying to create] a game that plays more like a Dead or Alive game than a game that plays like a fighting game.' And no, we've no idea what that means either.

Itagaki also spoke in the article about the new 'slow shutter' engine the game uses to deliberately blur the look of the action on screen, adding extra realism whilst characters are fighting at high speed. 'This kind of effect isn't possible with current consoles. By blurring the characters, we can express movements that can't be shown at a frame rate of 60 frames per second.'

And that's the latest for now. We've no PAL release date for Dead or Alive 4 yet, but we'd be mightily surprised if it didn't turn up shortly after the console launches in Europe and Australia.

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