Cian Hassett
28 Sep, 2011

Xbox Live Update - 28/09/2011

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Please excuse the snappy nature of this update, but in case you hadn't realised, Electronic Arts sent out beta keys for Battlefield 3 last night. So you can see why our minds are a little distracted, unlike our old pal Major Nelson.

Deals of the Week:

This week's theme is 'Sword and Sorcery', and if you have even the most basic grounding within the Xbox Live Arcade, you'll know exactly what games are being discounted. They were both made to keep a legion of fans happy, and now that legion will be slightly happier with the savings they're about to make. But if you're not familiar with the following names, then we suggest downloading the trials in case you were expecting the Arcade counterpart to something like Oblivion.

  • Might & Magic Clash of Heroes - 800 MSP (AU$13), a saving of 33%
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale - 800 MSP (AU$13), a saving of 33%

Magical chess.

Magical chess.
Please remember that all Deal of the Week specials are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold subscription holders.

New Releases:

If you're not lucky enough to be included in the Battlefield 3 beta, then you might find some compensation in two of the new additions to the Marketplace. Mercury Hg is being released for the rare price of 400 MSP (AU$6.50). Best known for its time spent on Sony's PlayStation Portable, the franchise is moving to the Xbox 360 to provide a unique puzzle experience for those who have missed out in years gone by.

Alternatively, MLB Bobblehead Baseball Battle is being released for 800 MSP (AU$13). This one is a bit of a mystery so we're going to attempt to dissect the name. It should have something to do with baseball, and it could potentially use Avatar integration. That's our best guess, take a look for yourself when it becomes available later this evening.

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2 years ago
When the hell is BloodRayne Betrayal gonna hit our XBL Marketplace icon_sad.gif
2 years ago
M&M clash of heroes is meant to be great. Might have to pick it up.
2 years ago
clash of heroes is a great game. But its NOT might and magic.
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