Jarrod Mawson
20 Sep, 2011

Crytek to handle next Homefront

360 News | North Koreans, minus the aliens.
THQ's Homefront was met with mixed critical reception, including PALGN's very own review. Sadly, regardless of how fans felt, Homefront led to the demise of Kaos Studios, the developer that founded the franchise.

Not wanting to let an apparently good thing go to waste, THQ has today announced, via press release, the continuation of the franchise, but with Kaos Studios gone a new name has been called in to take the reigns. That name is Crytek.

Famous for their Crysis series of games, THQ has signed a deal with the developer to continue the Homefront franchise with a new entry on PC and consoles (possibly next generation's) sometime in 2014. Details on the next game are obviously kept under wraps at this point, and we don't expect to hear much for some time, but given Crytek's previous work it is likely that Homefront 2 will use the next iteration of the studio's in-house engine - CryEngine.

What will become of Homefront under the guidance of someone new? Let us know how you feel about the shift in the comments.

UDPATE: Word from Gamespot points to Crytek's UK branch, formally Free Radical staff, as the studio tasked with taking control of the Homefront brand.

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2 years ago
cool be good, I did always like crysis games, and quite enjoyed the first far cry also
2 years ago
billybob2010 wrote
cool be good
could be good I meant
2 years ago
Thought Crytek was an EA studio?
2 years ago
Camm wrote
Thought Crytek was an EA studio?
Pretty sure they're independent.
2 years ago
Grrr leave Free Radical alone, they need to be working on Timesplitters 4!!
2 years ago
RhysDeschain wrote
Grrr leave Free Radical alone, they need to be working on Timesplitters 4!!
As much as I like Homefront and like the news of a sequel, I agree.

Give us TS4 damnit!!!
2 years ago
The brightest part of Homefront was the amazing PR.
My friends and I were all looking forward to the game and were massively disapointed. The timing of the release was perfect, we were finaly tired of BlackOPs and they could have made such a killing in sales. Except the game in the add and the game I fired up at home where light years appart.
I will wait and see if Crytek can take the hype and the great ideas and make them work this time.
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