Cian Hassett
07 Sep, 2011

Xbox Live Update - 07/09/2011

360 News | One last journey into battle.
Major Nelson, you beautiful man you. His blog has once again been updated with a whole bunch of deals and content for us to get through. And similar to what we saw last week, Xbox Live is getting ready for a certain shooter that's getting ever so close...

Deals of the Week:

That shooter is, of course, Battlefield 3. To celebrate, you can get every piece of downloadable content for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for half of its regular price. Included on the list is Vietnam which is an absolute steal and retains a large following even now, so if you haven't bought it already, treat yourself to a great bargain.

  • Bad Company 2 Onslaught Mode - 200 MSP (AU$3.25), a saving of 50%
  • Bad Company 2 Vietnam - 600 MSP (AU$10), a saving of 50%
  • Bad Company 2 VIP - 400 MSP (AU$6.50), a saving of 50%
  • Bad Company 2 Kit Short-Cut Bundle Pack - 600 MSP (AU$10), a saving of 50%
  • Bad Company 2 SPECACT Upgrade Bundle - 240 MSP (AU$4), a saving of 50%
  • Bad Company 2 Vietnam Theme - 120 MSP (AU$2), a saving of 50%
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Theme - 120 MSP (AU$2), a saving of 50%

Yep, that should clear them.

Yep, that should clear them.
Please remember that all Deal of the Week specials are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold subscription holders.

New Releases:

In terms of new content, we finally have BloodRayne: Betrayal for 1200 MSP (AU$20). This one is a little bit tricky. Everyone wanted to see the return of a sexy video game icon, but maybe not in a two-dimensional form. It still looks and feels like BloodRayne, but you should probably prepare yourself for a very different gameplay experience.

Crimson Alliance is also being released for 1200 MSP (AU$20). There's an option to purchase a stripped back version for 800 MSP (AU$13) which appears to be a first on Xbox Live. Our advice? Download the free trial to see what it's all about. You know, because it's FREE.

Finally, Leedmees for Kinect is going to cost 800 MSP (AU$13) when it becomes available to download later tonight. It continues Microsoft's push for Kinect titles on the Arcade, and this one looks like a stylish Lemmings where you, literally, control the level. Might be worth a try.

In case you were curious, SkyDrift is only being released in Europe; but if you can somehow access their Marketplace, then it's going to set you back 1200 MSP (AU$20).

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2 years ago
getting Crimson Alliance for FREE because i was dumb enough to buy all the Winter/Summer of Arcade titles icon_biggrin.gif
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