Cian Hassett
29 Aug, 2011

Arkham City gets some exclusive controllers

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A press release sent to us from Bluemouth Interactive has revealed that the upcoming Batman: Arkham City will be receiving a couple of special, limited edition controllers designed around - you guessed it - the iconic 'Batarang'.

Both controllers are officially licensed and feature LED illumination effects with the ability to switch between seven built-in colours, dual rumble motors and comfort rubber, soft-touch grips. The Xbox 360 model is only available in a wired version, although its PlayStation 3 counterpart includes full wireless support. Also note that the PS3 version has been modified from its original state, with the left analogue stick re-positioned to mimic the Xbox 360 layout, removing the worry of frequently clashing thumbs. You can take a look at the pictures below in the media gallery.

The exclusive controllers will be available alongside Arkham City when it's released on 19 October, and will set you back around AU$70.

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2 years ago
I wish they hadn't swapped the stick and D-pad on the PS3 version. Other than that, they look good.
2 years ago
not sure on these, the ps3 one looks big
2 years ago
They look less Batman Arkham City and more Batman Forever, if you ask me.
2 years ago
Well, the PS3 controller is ass compared the 360 controller when it comes to ergonomics so swapping them around in a 3rd party controller is actually a pretty neat idea, if only a bit of a mindfu--, haha.
2 years ago
A 360 controller for PS3? Yes please. And it's Batarang-shaped to boot.
2 years ago
I hate the 360 controller, sooooo lame they made the PS3 one like that. If I wanted a 360 controller, i'd play it on a 360, right?
2 years ago
Sold... I want a 360 layout controller for ps3 and this looks wicked
2 years ago
I always thought it made sense to have the primary thumb stick where the thumb naturally rests.

Sony am disagree.
2 years ago
This is pretty cool, just a shame I'm not willing to spend $80 for a controller.

And not fussed about wired, I actually prefer it to wireless cause the 360 wired controller is lighter and I hate worrying about batteries.
2 years ago
Interesting, I'd like a PS3 controller with the layout and feel of a 360 controller. I'd also like a 360 controller with a good d-pad BUT I'm not so keen as to spend $140 for minor convenience. If the online prices for them are good however, I'll look into it.
2 years ago
Those looks surprisingly cheap and tacky in contrast to the slick presentation of the actual game. I'll stick with official controllers, thanks.
2 years ago
They look hideous. Like prototypes. I would've preferred a sleek black or silver finish to complement the colour scheme used for the game.

I'll pass on this. Which is a shame as I like custom controllers and really got a kick out of using my Tron controller.
2 years ago
they look like mad catz controllers back when mad cats controllers were hilariously useless and cheap.
2 years ago
i need a new controller, this xbox360 one looks the shit
2 years ago
People who get clashing thumbs with the PS3 controller aren't holding it right. You don't hold it like a 360 controller. Use the top of the ball of your thumb instead of the bottom. Your thumbs shouldn't be able to touch.
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