Cian Hassett
24 Aug, 2011

Assassin's Creed: Revelations Gamescom demo with commentary

360 Media | In search of an old friend.

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2 years ago
holy shit there's so much in there that I love.

The camera, esspecialy the shot of him climbing up the building from the pov of the soldiers shooting at him, the new kill animation was awesome, the bombs look fucking great. Then the altair segment! Fuck yes! He has the new voice from Bloodlines! But mostly, his targets are back to giving speeches to justify themselves! That was the biggest thing I missed from AC 1, I loved that. I love the thought that Altair's targets did this and Ezio's didn't. It kind of plays into the whole Altair being more conflicted about the order then Ezio.
2 years ago
Brilliant, Altair has proper 'confessionals' from his targets. I never understood why they kept them in place with Ezio, Since he normally just does the whole 'rest in peace' business.
2 years ago
apparently they droped them from AC 2 and Brotherhood cause people complained about them in AC 1 being too long and boring.

Bull shit they were awesome.
2 years ago
Wow that is looking very awesome. I never knew they changed the voice acting for Bloodlines I enjoy this Altair much more than that bland American accent they gave him for the first game. I do like that they have brought the confessions back just for Altair, its give more of a personal approach and shows that each Assassin is different.
2 years ago
Cant wait of course icon_smile.gif A little worried that the first segment starts with yet another horse carriage chase sequence though, we've seen enough of those. Also Altair's robe tail looks way too long compared to the first game. Otherwise looks great icon_biggrin.gif
2 years ago
It was always down to his ankles, it just looks a lot thicker now

It actually looks similar to how his robes looked in bloodlines
2 years ago
whens the demo out for xbox?
2 years ago
pretty sure Beta is PS3 exclusive.
2 years ago
ahh thats a downer icon_sad.gif
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