Jahanzeb Khan
12 Jul, 2011

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Preview

360 Preview | Ace Horizon.
Ace Combat series started off as a successful Sony exclusive franchise, with acclaimed entries on the original PlayStation, Playstation Portable and the PlayStation 2. With arrival of the 7th generation of home consoles, the major HD debut of the series was (oddly) released exclusively for the Xbox 360, leaving the loyal PlayStation fan base out in the rain. Things are back in order again as upcoming Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is set to arrive on the PlayStation 3 this year in October. Fans of the previous Xbox 360 exclusive need not fear, as the title will also on appear on the Xbox 360 on the very same day. PALGN recently went hands on with an Xbox 360 build of the game, which gave us a pretty good indication that gamers are once again going to enjoy that classic Ace Combat experience.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon takes place in the year 2015, featuring a real world setting. We are not too sure about the actually storyline at this stage, but it’s a war story as per Ace Combat tradition with storytelling and presentation similar to Call of Duty. The main focus of the build we played was to give us a feel of the core gameplay mechanics.

The demo level took place in Miami, United States. The map looked quite nice, with plenty of detail, nice lighting effects and such. We took control of one of the 30+ officially licensed aircrafts planned for the game, and worked together with other ally aircrafts to take on the enemy squadron. The core gameplay mechanics and inverted controls will immediately be familiar to anyone who’s played an Ace Combat title before. The controls and mechanics are extremely easy to grasp and quickly become second nature. Even if you’ve never played an Ace Combat or flight video game before, like any other title in the series, it’s extremely user friendly and has that signature ‘arcadey’ feel of a vintage Ace Combat titles.

Taking the scenic route.

Taking the scenic route.
The aircraft could accelerate and slow down to perform some sharp turns, and had the usual arsenal of turret gun and missile strikes, with the option of being able to send a barrage of half a dozen missiles in one go as well. Also, the game will feature ‘Dog Fight’ modes, which essentially allow you to actively engage and lock-on to one particular enemy aircraft, allowing you to then chasing them down with a barrage of strikes. The enemy can also engage you in this way, which then requires you to shake them off. Also worth noting are the destructible environments, which had the potential to add more drama and intensity to the combat.

We were also told of several new features that we didn’t get to try in the build we played. One being that the game will feature fully operatable battle helicopters, and is the first game in the series to allow this. We were also told about the fully fleshed out multiplayer mode, featuring death match style matches while also allowing players to play through the campaign missions in co-op mode.

Lock and Load.

Lock and Load.
The game actually looks brilliant as the textures, lighting effects and the overall visual style certainly impressed us. The stage we played had some really brilliant music. Gamers are probably well aware of the quality soundtracks produced for Ace Combat games, and judging by the track we heard, the final soundtrack of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon should be nothing short of epic.

Finally, we were given word that the limited edition will available not only on the same day as the standard edition, but also for the very same price. The limited edition is available as a pre-order and will include a steel book as well as soundtracks and other content. If you’re a long time fan of the franchise, then Ace Combat: Assault Horizon should already be on your radar. Those unfamiliar should definitely keep an eye on what looks to be another successful entry for this hit flight combat series.
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is set to offer the same great Ace Combat gameplay and much more, come October.

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2 years ago
Disappointed there was no random Top Gun reference in this preview. So I guess I have to add my own:

"Too close for missiles, switching to guns!"

Love that preorder deal too. More of it thanks publishers.
2 years ago
Easily one of my most anticipated games. It was great to hear that the core gameplay mechanics are the same as previous Ace games.
2 years ago
Nice preview Jahanzeb! icon_smile.gif
2 years ago
I'm very much looking forward to this game, though I get a feeling the missions will be much more linear than those featured in AC5.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, though I hope they keep the replayability up.
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