Cody Giunta
03 Mar, 2011

Fight Night Champion: Interview with Anthony "The Man" Mundine and Billy "The Kid" Dib

360 Feature | PALGN goes one-on-two with two of Australia's best athletes.
With the imminent release of Fight Night Champion for Australians everywhere approaching, PALGN was able to take some time to have a chat with none other than two of Australia's finest boxers, Anthony "The Man" Mundine and Billy "The Kid" Dib. PALGN were able to find out a lot of things, including Billy's own gaming preferences, why Anthony graced the cover of the previous game and whether or not boxers wear boxer shorts or briefs outside of the ring. There's even some talk about Fight Night Champion as well. So it's time to step into the ring and read on!

PALGN: Thanks for having a chat with us today. This is the second time that you guys have been involved in a Fight Night game, I believe you were both in Round Four? Could you take us through how you got involved in the first place?

Billy: Back before the first game came out, there was someone at EA Sports called Jamie, and he contacted my brother and said “how would you like your brother to be part of a video game?” and my brother said “that would be great”. It didn’t seem like it was going to come off because they said to Jamie that “oh look, he hasn’t really won a world title yet”, but I was actually in the midst of getting ready to fight for a world title that Anthony had put together for me. So I pulled it off and I won it and my brother said to Jamie “look, he’s going to fight for a world title and I promise you he’s going to win the fight, so go ahead and trust him and put him in the game." Jamie took a gamble to put me in the game. I came to the office just as the game was released and took the title belt and I said “I told you I could do it” and it paid off.

Anthony: I was in the same boat. Jamie picked me up on it. It was a big deal to be in the game.

Billy: Didn’t Kuma have something to do with it?

Anthony: Yeah. Kuma, another mate of mine. I was just down for it, man.

Billy: As you would be, anyone wants to be in a video game.

PALGN: How does it feel for you guys to be represented in the game alongside so many other famous boxers like Jake “Raging Bull” LaMotta, Ali and Tyson?

Billy: For me, we live in Australia, right? So basically out of all the fighters in Australia, me and Choc and the ones to land on the game. Not even people like our arch rivals like Danny Green, and Kostya Tszyu isn’t even in there. So it’s a massive achievement, it’s a really, really good feeling to be part of the game.

PALGN: How does the representation of boxing in film and video games compare? Do you think there’s a better more realistic representation in Fight Night than something like one of the Rockys or The Fighter even?

Billy: It’s more real. A movie like Rocky or The Fighter is just a movie, it’s all premeditated stuff and this is more real for me. The game is more real than the movie. We all know the ending to Rocky – Rocky’s got to win the fight or draw or something controversial happens.

PALGN: How do you like the way that they’ve represented yourselves? So basically, are you pleased with how your mug looks in the game?

Anthony:(laughs) For me Fight Night 4 was better, I reckon. They tried to change it up a bit with my fighting style and stance. The punches that I throw don’t look quite the same, but you can’t get everything right. But Billy’s pretty happy.

Billy:(laughs) Yeah, I’m wrapped. I’m just glad to have the right colours. I’ve never boxed in green and yellow but I have boxed in black and red on several occasions. I’m pretty happy with the figure of who I am and what I look like. For me it’s pretty accurate, it looks pretty good.

Clearly it was going to take two boxers to take on a PALGN staff member...

Clearly it was going to take two boxers to take on a PALGN staff member...
PALGN: Is there anyone not in the game that you’d love to see in there?

Billy: No

Anthony: Nah, not really. Maybe Floyd Mayweather.

Billy: It’s not that they can’t be in the game, it’s that they don’t accept the terms and conditions that go with being in the game.

PALGN: So it’s more like a rights issue?

Billy: Yeah. To me at the end of the day, I never starred in the game because of money. At the end of the day, it’s just the whole fact that you’re part of a video game is enough. I went to America last year and I got approached from some kids who don’t even know me from a bar of soap and recognised me from the game. They said to me “Are you Billy, the one off the game?” And I said yes and they said “Oh my god!” That was a buzz. Kids halfway across the world know who you are because of a damn video game. That’s big, that’s real big.

Anthony: I think it’s good man. For me it will certainly help my profile. Like in America and other parts of the world. There’s been a couple of times when I’ve wanted to fight them and this will definitely give me a heads-up for some gamers to know who I am.

PALGN: Have you played video games before?

Billy: I’m into combat games. I’m into Call of Duty and things like that. I like games where you can play with a lot of gamers. And sporting games like NBA, that’s one of my favourite games. I’m not good at the FIFA games though, I’m good at the basketball games. I’ll trick you out in basketball, I can tell you that!

PALGN: Bit of a random question that's not really to do with the game, but outside of the ring do you wear boxers or briefs?

Anthony: Mainly briefs.

Billy: I’m mainly briefs.

Anthony: But sometimes I free-ball (laughs)

Billy: (laughs) I never do that, I feel like I’m being held together better. You're right, that was a bit of a random question!

PALGN: When you are getting ready for a fight, is there any music or anything you do to prepare?

Billy: I don’t really need to listen to one sort of music. For me, it’s whatever relaxes you. I reckon Choc’s more into the gangsta stuff. (laughs)

PALGN: Did you have anything else that you wanted to say about the game?

Billy: This is for the people out there. I think they should get out there and buy the game. It’s a great game. I’ve played it, Anthony’s played it and we’ve enjoyed it and I think that other people will enjoy the game too.

PALGN: One last question just for Choc. You were on the cover of the previous Fight Night for Australia, weren’t you?

Anthony: Yeah, I was.

PALGN: How did that come about, did you have any say in that?

Anthony: I think it was just my looks, bro!(laughs) I look good bra, you know? I sell.

PALGN: Thanks a lot guys, it was great to chat to you both.

Billy: No worries.

Anthony: Thanks, bro.

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