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22 Feb, 2011

Bomberman Live: Battlefest Review

360 Review | Total Bombfest.
Bomberman is perhaps one of the oldest video game franchises to survive to this day, and has been around longer than Mario and Mega Man even. There are literally over sixty Bomberman titles to date, and they have graced virtually every video game platform. Some of the most iconic and popular entries in this massive series include Super Bomberman 2, Saturn Bomberman, Bomberman 64 and Bomberman Online. Back in 2007, Bomberman Live was released on Xbox Live Arcade and was well received. Three years later we get the sequel, Bomberman Live: Battlefest, which essentially feels more like an expansion pack.

Like any title in the series, the gameplay of Bomberman Live: Battlefest can be best described as a mixture of puzzle and action, and like most post-1980s Bomberman titles, it’s a party game where multiplayer takes center stage. The basic gameplay mechanic simply involves placing bombs to blow up walls and enemies, but the action takes place in elaborate maze-like levels loaded with crazy power-ups and interesting stage gimmicks.

Bomberman Live: Battlefest has literally no single player value at all. If you’re going to get this game then you better have Xbox Live Gold ready to go or at least have enough friends who can play with you offline. Bomberman Live: Battlefest supports up to eight players online, allowing for some really exciting, fun and addictive multiplayer mayhem. Past Bomberman titles too had a multiplayer focus, but they also had a fleshed out single player mode complete with a story, different worlds and levels like Super Mario World, and even boss battles featuring a unique cast of boss characters like the Mega Man games. It’s a shame that recent Bomberman titles have completely disregarded a single player mode, as Bomberman Live: Battlefest has. It certainly would not have hurt to throw in some single player adventure modes.


Bomberman Live: Battlefest features that classic Bomberman game type where you basically just blow stuff up and collect power-ups. Speaking of which, there is a wide range of power-ups that grant things like status enhancements, increasing speed and bomb strength. There are also new abilities such as kicking bombs and new bombs such as a rocket bomb and laser bomb. Each stage is scattered with several power-ups and in a matter of seconds you will turn your character to a mean super-powered bombing machine.

While Bomberman Live: Battlefest primarily plays exactly like the original Bomberman: Live, the main change is the addition of new stages and game types. The new stages feature cool gimmicks, like in one stage where the wind blows on occasion and has the effect of blowing out the fuse on bombs. There’s also a stage that takes place in a pirate ship that rocks repeatedly. The stage variety is nice with plenty more available as DLC.

When it comes to game types, Bomberman Live: Battlefest adds a host of new types on top of the classic ‘bomb and destroy’ game type. These game types include a capture the flag mode, holding on to a crown for the longest duration, painting the most tiles and even one where you have to pick up the most amount of money. The variety is nice and all these game types are actually quite fun and also come in team based variations. However, at the end of the day, you will probably find yourself playing the classic game type where you just bomb everything in your path, the way Bomberman is meant to be enjoyed.

Here comes the....BOOM!!!

Here comes the....BOOM!!!
Like Bomberman Live, this game allows you to customise your bomber with a variety of different parts, costumes and accessories. It is cool to create your own unique bomber and go up against several other unique designs on Xbox Live. Sure, it’s a novelty thing, but it’s still nice to have. In terms of music and graphics, there isn’t anything particularly noteworthy as it pretty much reuses the engine of the original Bomberman Live. Everything is quite simplistic but it looks clean and pleasing enough.

The main problem with Bomberman Live: Battlefest is that it’s not all that different from Bomberman Live. In fact, they are virtually the same game. If you already own Bomberman Live, then there’s very little reason to get this ‘sequel’, even with the new stages and game types. Bomberman Live: Battlefest is obviously best for those who missed out on the original and are craving for some addictive multiplayer mayhem. Both games go for the same price of 800 Microsoft Points ($AU 13), but it’s only worth getting just one of them if you really want the definite online Bomberman experience.
The Score
Bomberman Live: Battlefest is only worth getting if you missed out on the original and are craving for an addictive multiplayer experience that only Bomberman can offer. 7
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3 years ago
I can review this game in 2 words.

It's Bomberman.

Yep, that'll do. Seriously good formula, it's just a shame to see they haven't really tried anything new for Bomberman the last few years.
3 years ago
I loved the first Bomberman Live, not as sold on Battlefest in comparison. It's like they tweaked it graphically and slowed it down.... it's similar to the previous game, yet different all the same.

When i first played it, it reminded me of TMNT 2: Reshelled (in terms of trying to revamping the graphics, with familiar game play).
3 years ago
sobriquet835 wrote
Yep, that'll do. Seriously good formula, it's just a shame to see they haven't really tried anything new for Bomberman the last few years.
I think you must have missed Bomberman 2 on the DS. Had Bomberman in side-scrolling stages, with a time limit to get from the left to the right. I wasn't a fan as much as first Bomberman on DS, which stuck to the original formula. If it ain't broke...

3 years ago
PALGN wrote
Bomberman is perhaps one of the oldest video game franchises to survive to this day, and has been around longer than Mario and Mega Man even
"Surely not, I've got them on this one!"
Check Wikipedia.
"Well I'll be damned..."
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