Cian Hassett
10 Feb, 2011

Rumour: Max Payne 3 cancelled?

360 News | Another one bites the dust, maybe.
2011 is turning from bad to worse for the video game industry. As recently as today, we've seen franchises laid to rest, and now we might have another one. Xbox360achievements.org has posted some worrying information regarding Take-Two and their latest financial report, which excludes a famous angry man.

The figures themselves are impressive, with the company's revenue standing at US$334.3 million. Plans for the next fiscal year should have included Max Payne 3, but the title is missing in action. Originally, we were hoping to see the return of Max in 2010, but the date was subsequently pushed back and now it looks uncertain if we will ever see the finished product. Fortunately, Spec Ops: The Line, XCOM and BioShock: Infinite are still going strong, with release dates stretching into 2012.

We'll bring you more information regarding Max Payne 3 when it arrives.

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3 years ago
I highly doubt a title such as this would be canceled. I'll wait on official confirmation, until then I call BS.
3 years ago
The new Duke Nukem?
3 years ago
I can only hope it's been delayed to undergo a Conviction-esque transformation that involves getting rid of Max's grief beard among many other things.
3 years ago
bring back the original Max Payne face!
3 years ago
It's not a new IP and has some hype behind it so they'd be foolish to cancel it after all this work, then again we probably said that about Duke Nukem 4ever.
3 years ago
Man I really didn't see the problem with the new design for him. He looked like an old grizzled cop.
3 years ago
I hope not, I was looking forward to potentially playing this as I enjoyed the first two games.
3 years ago
agracos wrote
The new Duke Nukem?
More like Rockstar realised how poor the reception to "new" Max and have decided to hand the series back to Remedy.
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