Jarrod Mawson
09 Dec, 2010

Batman: Arkham City to feature multiplayer

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The lone fighter wont be so alone in his next outing, with NeoGAF reporting that the latest issue of PSM3 has revealed that Batman: Arkham City will feature a multiplayer of component of some sorts. Unfortunately the existence of said multiplayer component is all we know. It may be a series of side missions, it may be part of the main story, or it might be something else entirely.

We may hear more news regarding the multiplayer when Arkham City gets a gameplay reveal at the Spike VGA 2010 event this coming weekend. To pass the time between now and then, here's an Arkham City teaser video.

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3 years ago
Just like Dead Space, I care not for the multiplayer aspect.
As long as the single player game is as good as Arkham Asylum, then I'm in.
3 years ago
I would normally say this is a bad idea but after Assassins Creed multiplayer I could see it working.
3 years ago
It's such a shame these amazing single player games are forced to have multiplayer to get the sales they need. Instead of your standard deathmatch (do we still use that word?) I would love to see a co-op setup similar to Splinter Cell. That won't help their sales however so we'll be stuck with another half-thought out battle system that has empty servers after a month and a shorter single player game.
3 years ago
Well look, they have a development deadline probably? yeah? Okay, and they pretty much perfected the first title yeah? OKAY! that means that they have a foundation for the second title, and they know what to add and improve, so that means they dont need to spend the same amount of time developing the second game as the first. so Multiplayer is good.
3 years ago
ppjim3 wrote
That won't help their sales however so we'll be stuck with another half-thought out battle system that has empty servers after a month and a shorter single player game.
Kind of like how assassins creed brotherhood ended up with a half arsed single player component due to the multiplayer in it?
3 years ago
And let's not forget that Brotherhood was only a year turn-around.
3 years ago
Having not played Brotherhood I can't speak directly, but from all the reviews and comment's I've read the single-player is unchanged from AC2. If all you want to see with Batman 2 is a rehash of the single player + multiplayer then that's fine. Personally, I want to see the sequel be bigger and better in every way!

Batman was great - amazing in fact - but that doens't mean it can't be better. I just don't feel wasting any development time on multiplayer is really worth it - as it will detract from the single player given those resources could have been used elsewhere. Glad some people are excited.
3 years ago
I am hopeful that Rocksteady have kept a level head and havent bitten off more than they can chew with multiplayer. Until we know exactly how they aim to implement the MP, we can't really go on to say that development time on that aspect is likely to reduce the SP's quality. It could just be a minor addition that they were able to use a smaller amount of staff on. Now that WB bought them, they might have the means of hiring more people and inturn are now able to come up with more of a product in less time.

So long as Rocksteady don't rush it and I don't see them doing that as the franchise is not exactly a seasonal one, everyone should walk away happy..

Fingers crossed as Arkham Asylum did for Batman videogames what J-Lo's ass did for her.
3 years ago
Yet another unnecessary multiplayer component added to a single player game.
What is wrong with people these days?
Can't they just enjoy a good single player game without having to go "pwn n00bz on XbOx lIvE!!!111"?
What the game really needs is a dedicated button that makes you say "I'm Batman!".
3 years ago
the guys on sent u a message speculate that it will be co op challenge rooms
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