Cian Hassett
17 Sep, 2010

New DLC announced for Mafia II

360 News | Say hello to Joe.
A brand new expansion is being developed for last month's big release, Mafia II. The announcement comes courtesy of a recent post at Xbox360achievements.org.

Titled 'Joe's Adventures', this will be the second piece of DLC to enhance an already gripping single player experience. As the name suggests, players will be taking control of Joe Barbaro. If you're still playing through the core story missions, then you might want to skip the rest of this paragraph. The DLC is set during the time when Vito Scaletta is incarcerated in prison, with Joe trying to figure out why his best friend ended up behind bars. The other major side of the plot involves the Clemente family, and players will get to see exactly how Joe deals with his rivals. Joe will be able to complete his tasks using brand new clothes while listening to a range of new era-specific music.

A release date hasn't been confirmed, but you can take a look at some screenshots below. Or, if you're still trying to decide if Mafia II is worth your money, read through our review.

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3 years ago
anyone say DLC whore..
3 years ago
I wonder how much of this stuff was completely or substantially in progress during the development of Mafia II. Wait for the 'Collectors Edition' people.
3 years ago
All the Jimmy missions are just side missions ripped from the main game and turned into DLC. This one might actually be something at least partly new.
3 years ago
Not that I advocate it, but this DLC business (that smells suspiciously like the 'DLC' was create originally for the main part of the game) encourages piracy. If you ask me, they're shooting themselves in the foot in the long run.

And on that note, it also encourages second hand sales, which the game developers and publishers hate oh so much.
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