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22 Jun, 2010

UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

360 Review | The Undisputed Champion of fighting games?
The world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is one that can be intimidating for both newcomers and veterans to contact sports. It can be confronting and brutal to watch and is certainly not something that everyone will enjoy. Likewise, UFC Undisputed 2010 won't appeal to all gamers, but for those willing to brave the Octagon and persist with learning the control scheme, you will find a satisfying fighting game which requires a lot of skill and strategy.

As with the real-life competition, a standard match in UFC Undisputed 2010 consists of three five-minute rounds, and is won by either a knock-out, submission, technical knock-out or a judge's decision. From a standing position, players can use a variety of punches, kicks and knee attacks using the face buttons to weaken their opponent and bring down their stamina meter, while combining these with the bumper button can unleash powerful blows of a greater intensity. In addition to striking attacks, your fighter can use a combination of the left and rights sticks and bumper buttons to toss your opponent to the mat, from which you can choose to continually pummel them or go for a submission move.

Both methods of play have their strengths and weaknesses, with each requiring a different strategy and level of pacing to be adhered to. It's relatively easy to unleash a barrage of strikes on your opponent. However, if you use too many of the same move in succession, your fighter will become ‘gassed’, which will leave them tired and vulnerable to your opponent's high-impact moves, and potentially lose you the match. Likewise, bringing your opponent to the mat has its own pitfalls. Though you can try for submission moves and make your opponent ‘tap out’, often such tactics will only work when your opponent's stamina meter is already quite low, otherwise your opponent can find a way to work themselves out of the hold. Continual strikes at a ground level can be devastating, but use too many and your opponent may grab your arm and counter with their own submission manoeuvres.

Will he tap?

Will he tap?
What may either be loved or hated by some gamers is the unpredictable nature of matches, in terms of how long they last. While it's very possible to have a long and gruelling match which goes right down to the wire, a player can quite conceivably pull off a victory within the very first round via a knock-out, should they be able to see an opening and weaken their opponent. This may leave some players wanting more and give the impression that victories are easy. However, it is reflective of an actual UFC bout, where short matches are quite common but can nonetheless still be brutal.

The controls (especially for grappling) can take some time to master for those without prior experience. Fortunately, the game includes a tutorial mode which will take you through all possible moves and counters that a fighter can pull off. It can take a long time to work your way through this mode, but it is very much worth it and the best way for novices to learn the basic and intricate aspects of the game, such as when to go for reversals and the signs of a weakening opponent. Even once the basics have been mastered there is still plenty of challenge in combat, as timing can be crucial in securing victory.

UFC Undisputed 2010's career mode allows you to create your own fighter to take on the UFC circuit. Your fighter will have several weeks to prepare for each fight, during which time you can participate in a number of activities to boost your attributes, learn some new moves or rest. Players must strike a delicate balance between fighting, attribute boosting and resting - if you take part in too many matches without resting, your fatigue level will rise and put your fighter at risk of injury. Resting will counter the effects of fatigue, but if you do so too often then your attributes may start to drop and weaken your fighter's performance. Attribute loss is further highlighted if you only concentrate on certain areas in your training and sparring. Should you be at risk of attribute decay, your trainer will send you an e-mail to warn you. It’s a system that requires you to be patient and pay much more attention to your fighter than other sports and fighting games. For those willing to persist, it proves to have a great deal of depth, as well as a measure of satisfaction when you do well against opponents.

Brock will knock you out!

Brock will knock you out!
Outside of career mode exists a Title mode, where players can choose from both created and real-life fighters and go after a title within their chosen weight class. It’s a fairly straight-forward gameplay option and upon completing it you will unlock a Title Defence mode. As a single player experience there is a certain thrill in beating the best in the world and then defending your title, but it’s something that is best enjoyed with friends as a multiplayer experience.

The graphics for the game are suitably impressive and do well to recreate the world of UFC. All of the real-life fighters are represented with a great deal of accuracy and will blend right in with any created fighters when you compete in the Octagon. Beyond the usual touches of pre-fight banter and post-match celebrations, there are several subtleties in the presentation that really add to the realism and atmosphere. Should one of the fighters be bleeding, you will first see blood dripping onto the mat. However, it is only in between rounds or upon victories that you will know for sure just who has been cut and how severe their wound (or wounds) are. Another nice touch is when you deliver a knockout punch - beyond your opponent's staggering to the mat, you will occasionally glimpse their mouth-guard being knocked right out of their jaws and skid across the mat.

UFC Undisputed 2010's soundtrack consists of a score rather than licensed tracks and proves to be effective in relaying the drama and heavy-hitting nature of the sport. It's not intrusive at all and adds to rather than dominating the game, as a licensed soundtrack may have. As well as this, the sound effects themselves are pitched at just the right level - while you won't always hear something that resembles an over the top, bone-shattering punch, there is variation in the noise created by the different strikes to an opponent's body. Taking such an approach further adds to UFC Undisputed 2010 being a more accurate representation of the sport.


Multiplayer in UFC Undisputed 2010 is very similar to the single-player experience until you take yourself online. In the online arena, players can create and join fighting camps in which they train and fight alongside one another in their group. There is a ranking system at play and the win-loss record of individual fighters will contribute to the camp's overall ranking. An added benefit of joining a camp and undertaking training is that it will contribute to your offline career mode - your fighter will not become fatigued or have their skills decay and will not lose a week during training.

The replay value of UFC Undisputed 2010 can vary depending on whether or not you engage with its multiplayer modes. Though there are several unlockable items in the game, the central gameplay itself will remain relatively unchanged, which may halt prolonged single-player sessions, but such a criticism can be levelled at almost any fighting game. The replay value is significantly increased when facing off against a friend either in person or online and feeds into the competitive nature of the sport, keeping the core gameplay fresh and engaging.

UFC Undisputed 2010 isn't a game that will please everyone. Beyond those that do not enjoy such a sport in the first place, it takes time for players to learn the control scheme and to train their own created fighter to a suitable level. However, persistence and patience will pay off and players will find a game with a solid presentation, attention to realism and a surprising level of combat strategy.
The Score
Though it will not appeal to all, UFC Undisputed 2010 is a polished product that does well to replicate the world of Ultimate Fighting and should satisfy UFC fans and fighting game fans in general. 8
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3 years ago
It just seems exactly like 09 to me. Aside from cosmetic differences, and little things being able to fight against the cage, it really doesn't seem to be worth the price tag.
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