Jarrod Mawson
20 May, 2010

Knights Contract announced

360 News | Sexy ladies and blood and guts and swords and oh my.
Straight from a Famitsu blow-out, andriasang have revealed the latest title from Namco Bandai; Knights Contract for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Set in a 1700's Germany, the game's story sees the player absorbed into a world of witch hunts and evil alchemists, where they take the role of the executioner Heinrich. Originally commissioned by the alchemist Faust to hunt and kill witches, Heinrich runs afoul of a witch named Gretchen, who in turn curses him at her execution, causing Heinrich to be suspected of witchery himself. Once the hunter, now the hunted, Heinrich is forced to flee across Europe for a century with the curse of immortality.

Now, centuries later, the witch Gretchen has been revived and wishes to ally with Heinrich to take down Faust once and for all.

Knights Contract appears to focus on a hack-and-slash style of gameplay with a twist. When they say Heinrich is immortal, they mean it. He literally cannot die, not even from enemy attacks. Instead, your life is tethered to the witch who cursed you. Gretchen will accompany you throughout the game, supporting you with her magical attacks and abilities, and it's up to you to make sure she doesn't die.

Namco Bandai promises lots of blood, weapons bigger than characters, grotesque creatures, and execution kills. If you've got a blood lust this might be one to keep an eye on. For the time being enjoy the trailer, the official website, as well as the screenshots.

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3 years ago
The game sounds interesting, but I'm not going to get my hopes up for a release if Namco Bandai is involved. I do like the concept, though.
3 years ago
I hate 'protect' missions, the AI is always so unreliable...
3 years ago
Yeah, I understand where you're coming from, but hopefully the concept is a little more fleshed out than that. To have a whole game based around this, they need to make it more than a glorified protect mission and the witch will need to have stellar AI or something. I'm sure that more details will come up later on to explain just what they might do differently about it.
3 years ago
Reminds me somewhat of Beyond Divinity (if anyone here ever played that, the two protagonists were joined together, one evil the other good).
3 years ago
stick_theory wrote
I hate 'protect' missions, the AI is always so unreliable...
I agree.

Nothing pisses me off more, the only game that has done it "right" is RE4 and even then i was relieved when she conveniently disappeared for a while.
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