Jarrod Mawson
14 May, 2010

Resurgence Pack announced for Modern Warfare 2

360 News | Resurge that stimulation.
War never changes, but Modern Warfare 2 does. Despite launching a DLC map pack only a month or so ago, Activision has felt fit to announce a brand new one.

Titled the Resurgence Pack, it will extend your Modern Warfare 2 map rotation by a total of five battle arenas. The pack will be a timed exclusive to Xbox 360, much like the previous Stimulus Package, and will be available for purchase on 4 June 2010. No price has been given yet but it is likely to go for around the same as the Stimulus Package, being 1200 Microsoft Points.

Neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have revealed what five maps will be packed in, but internet gossip suggests that it will include three new maps titled Revolt, D.C. White House, and Abandon, along with the maps Shipment and Vacant returning from the original Modern Warfare.

To celebrate the release Infinity Ward will be hosting two 'Double XP weekends', the first beginning on 28 May, and the second starting 4 June to coincide with the new package.

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3 years ago
Hmm they must have smashed out quite a few map packs quite quickly. Might even see 4 packs by years end?
3 years ago
Four packs by year's end @ 1200MSP each?
That wouldl be about $80 for the lot. OUCH!
I'm pretty sure I can find something better to spend 80 bucks on.
Each to their own I suppose though.
3 years ago
I just bought Ballad of Gay Tony for 1200 points on xbox so take that Activision and your rip off map packs. I refuse to buy these packs despite really enjoying mw2.
3 years ago
RichieT23 wrote
I'm pretty sure I can find something better to spend 80 bucks on.
Might as well save it up for the next COD if your into that kind of thing. I've never been one to buy the extra map packs, the 800 points I'm sitting on will go towards LeChucks Revenge when it is finally friggin released.
3 years ago
benspyda wrote
I just bought Ballad of Gay Tony for 1200 points on xbox so take that Activision and your rip off map packs.
Gay Tony was certainly worth the 1200, I would probably say it was better value than the original GTA4, the idea that a map pack is of equal value is ludicrous. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a MW2 GOTY edition around October to drum up interest in Black Ops as well as squeeze out the last few sales for MW2.
3 years ago
activision is the opposite of value

They rip people off, all because they can

Pretty much were gunna get maps that we've probably played and seen before in either OLDER version and or in campaign ( i know its a rumor )
3 years ago
I'm quite happy to pay $15 to further the life of my game and considering I bought it for $77, after two map packs it'll have only cost me around $107; which isn't dissimilar to what we usually pay for games here anyway.
3 years ago
Okay, I was totally off the mark with my rumour mongering icon_lol.gif. The maps included in the package will be;

Carnival (NEW): A fairly large deserted Amusement park set in the daytime. Many different locations within the map, such as a house of the future, a roller coaster, and many other things. The fun house is a main vantage point.

Trailer Park (NEW): A trailer park(no way!) set near the campaign level "Boneyard". It is a close-quarters map for objective game modes. Choke points are apparently obvious. Running and Gunning, check.

Fuel (NEW): A completely different map than the others in the Resurgence Pack. It is "a sniper heaven", and it's big. Fuel is an oil refinery broken into 2 sections, one being the outdoors with things such as pumps, while there is another part in the offices of the refinery. The objectives will be placed within the building, so snipers can cover from the outside.

Vacant (COD4): Wide open Russian office complex. Updated with new visuals and atmosphere. There will be different routes through this map, depending on which game type you are playing.

Strike (COD4):The classic map with the large monument in the middle. Visual and atmosphere updates as well.

One out of five aint that bad...
3 years ago
Wat ircs me is that you really are paying for the 3 new maps, as it would not take much to recode the maps from MW for MW2. They are just getting lazy.

Would be nice if perhaps there was a level editor. Maps can be submitted, and the developers pick ones to include as DLC, thus making it free, presumably.
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