Kimberley Ellis
09 Jan, 2010

Alan Wake to get DLC

360 News | Episodic content on the cards.
Microsoft has confirmed that Alan Wake's story will run longer than what you'll get on the game disc, with episodic DLC content on the cards for the long-anticipated action thriller from Remedy.

Microsoft executive Robbie Bach talked the title up during a presentation at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), explaining: "Imagine the TV show Lost as written by Stephen King and filmed by David Lynch, and you have Alan Wake. Story-driven like a TV series, Alan Wake will be told in episodes, with even more episodes available on Xbox Live after its launch this year."

Alan Wake is due on the Xbox 360 towards the middle of 2010, while the fate of the PC edition of the title still remains uncertain.

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04 Apr, 2011 Well gee I wonder what this could be.
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21 Jun, 2010 Alan prices his next title.
4 years ago
I would've been more surprised if they didn't plan DLC these days.
4 years ago
As long as the game itself has around 10 hours of content I won't complain. Alan Wake has been in production for a very long time, if they skimp on content just so they can charge for it later I will be very disappointed. Still pissed off that they aren't doing PC as well.
4 years ago
just gotta say, if they have the DLC pack ready day nought, kick to the face!
4 years ago
el_rezzo wrote
As long as the game itself has around 10 hours of content I won't complain.
I think thats showing to how much the developers have lowered our expectations to think 10 hours is good value for $100+

Now on the DLC, Fallout 3 and Rock Band are 2 excellent ways to do DLC, support a game for a long time reducing the need for sequels so there is less incentive to trade in the old ones because they were (or in Rock Band's case still is) plenty of life in the same title.
4 years ago
Hopefully they don't release them too long after launch when I've moved on to other games...something something, mass effect...something, resident evil...
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