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05 Jan, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Preview

360 Preview | You're surprised by this?
Street Fighter IV was a big hit in 2009. We loved the game and consider it to be the one of the best fighting games of last year. With such commercial and critical success, it makes sense that Capcom would want to take advantage of this momentum and repeat what they did with Street Fighter II, and so they are bringing us an expansion to Street Fighter IV, which is being dressed up as a full fledged sequel, Super Street Fighter IV, and it is due for a mid 2010 release.

In this day and age, things like new characters, missions and stages for an existing title can easily be released as downloadable content without the need of releasing a separate game as an expansion. So, a lot of you are probably thinking that Capcom are trying to make easy money by releasing the additional content as Super Street Fighter IV but thankfully, it isn’t as bad as it seems. The first and most important new change is the addition of new characters, and Super Street Fighter IV is going to feature ten.

New faces join the cast! Juri sure looks cool.

New faces join the cast! Juri sure looks cool.
The new characters include Street Fighter II favourites Dee Jay and T.Hawk, who were sorely missed, as Street Fighter IV starred just about all the original world warriors apart from those two. Then you have three new characters from the Street Fighter Alpha series; Cody and Guy, who are also well known as Final Fight characters and Adon, who like Sagat uses the Muay Thai fighting style. The Street Fighter Alpha series was once very popular and we are glad to see more Alpha warriors being included in the game. Then you have a fresh new face by the name of Juri and she certainly looks really cool and attractive. Four more characters are soon to be revealed and we will keep you posted as they are revealed. Personally we are hoping for some Street Fighter III characters to make a return but some more new faces would also be awesome.

Other than new characters, Super Street Fighter IV will include more stages and new music. Then there are of course new modes, such as the return of the bonus mini games that were in Street Fighter II. In case you forgot, one of them involved beating up a car and another involved smashing barrels. There will also be a new collection of online modes such as team battle, endless battle and tournament. A hub will be included for players to watch match replays as well.

Kick the crap outta the car!

Kick the crap outta the car!
Then there are the tweaks and refinements to the core gameplay. They won’t be anything too ground-breaking but the changes will stil be welcome. The first being some major balancing to make the game as fair as possible. Sagat and Ken have been accused for being a tad bit overpowered in Street Fighter IV and the upcoming expansion will address that issue. Also, there will be new moves such as new ultra combos and so far we have seen Ryu receive a new variation of the Shoryuken as a finisher. In terms of graphics, the game looks identical to Street Fighter IV, which isn’t really a bad thing. Again the art style of the game is a love or hate thing but we certainly don’t mind the way it looks.

The game is scheduled for a mid 2010 release and will retail at a price much lower than the usual price tag for new releases. With new characters, better balancing, new modes, new features and a lower price point. Super Street Fighter IV looks to be a fair and decent package for fighting game fans. Sure, having all the new features as DLC would have been possible but having them all at once on a disc is pretty convenient.
Super Street Fighter IV is shaping up to be a decent package that really improves and expands upon the already great Street Fighter IV.

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4 years ago
Juri from Alpha 3, one of M.Bison's 'dolls' (like Cammy).
Er.. what? I think you're getting that one character confused with either Juli or Juni.

Juri in this game works for SIN, in fact the story for SSFIV is based around Juri. Juri is also one of the two original characters for SSFIV, she has nothing to do with Alpha 3.

4 years ago
Do you guys get to play the game? If you did, you are lucky sods.

But Ken is actually a mid-low tier character. Sagat is god tier follow Barlog, Rufus and Ryu as high.

Juri is a brand new character as well for SSFIV. She is part of Seth's S.I.N. organisation and is a focus of the story.

Also whether it's Capcom hogwash, they claim that this could have not been a DLC pack as this title is being built from the ground up (for new online modes I assume) etc and the original was never designed to be patched. But I personally don't mind, I'm happy for it for be a stand alone disc.

The game is suppose to be much more aggressive, with changes to the focus system and multiple ultras for all characters.

Also the rumour is 11 characters total. 3 unannouced SF3 characters and brand new character. Rumours also claim that Charlie may return. But that is just a wild rumour atm.

Also for the online, from Wiki -

The game will feature a few additional online modes, including Team Battle with up to 8 players, Replay Channel, which allows players to view and save replays from around the world, and Endless Battle, in which the winner plays against a rotating group of players. A downloadable Tournament mode will also feature.

Which is a pretty major upgrade.
4 years ago
Given how biased this article is, I'm guessing it was written by the one Palgn staffer who thought Street Fighter IV was actually better than mediocre.
4 years ago
couches wrote
Given how biased this article is, I'm guessing it was written by the one Palgn staffer who thought Street Fighter IV was actually better than mediocre.
Judging by your negs at least one other staff member likes it, nevermind plenty of regular PALGNers =P
4 years ago
Wow..I did NOT write that Juri description, I dont know who decided to change it. Anyway it has been fixed.
4 years ago
Pleeeeeeeeeeeease have a DLC version...
4 years ago
RooRage wrote
Pleeeeeeeeeeeease have a DLC version...
They've outright said they "can't" do this as DLC. Hold out in hope if you want but the SSFIV disc is meant to be budget priced.
4 years ago
grim-one wrote
RooRage wrote
Pleeeeeeeeeeeease have a DLC version...
They've outright said they "can't" do this as DLC. Hold out in hope if you want but the SSFIV disc is meant to be budget priced.
Fingers crossed then it will actually be at a budget price and not ODST price!
4 years ago
Retailers are listing it as $69.95 atm.
4 years ago
I'll buy this regardless of price, hopefully there'll be some 360 players and an improved lobby system.

Gotta use that MadCatz Tourney stick on something!

I'm also hoping for some more Street Fighter III love as that's what I play most at Box Hill Timeout. Makoto and Dudley would be awesome and I believe both of them would fit in without too much issue. Wouldn't complain if it was Remy but eh. As long as it's not Sean. >_>
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