Kimberley Ellis
17 Oct, 2009

Mass Effect 2 release date announced

360 News | What a start to the year.
Those anticipating the release of BioWare's action-RPG Mass Effect 2 now have a date to circle on their calendar with Bioware finally spilling the beans on the sci-fi sequel's release date.

North America gamers will first get a crack at Commander Shepard's latest adventure with the game hitting stores on 26 January 2010, with European gamers getting their turn on 29 January 2010.

At this time there is no official word on whether the Australian release date will differ from that of the other PAL territories, but the newshounds at PALGN will keep their ears to the ground for confirmation of Mass Effect 2's Aussie release date as more information filters through.

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4 years ago
Woot! Can't wait. I guess dragon age will hold me over till then.
4 years ago
hopefully EB will break street date again and australia will the first in the world to play it again icon_smile.gif
4 years ago
hmm, im not sure what my life will be like in january, hopefully with me2 at least
4 years ago
My response:
4 years ago
genxevo wrote
hopefully EB will break street date again and australia will the first in the world to play it again icon_smile.gif
I still remember that day. The trawling of the internet, the excited phone call to EB, the mad trip down to pick up the preorder, and all this while I was supposed to be in my office, 'working'.

*Note to future employers, disregard this post*
4 years ago
Freaking sweet. Now to finish off that second playthrough of the first game.
4 years ago
Wow. This is earlier than I expected. Great news!!!
Does anyone know whether Australian retailers will be having the same pre order offers as the U.S.?
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