Matt Bassos
22 Sep, 2009

Batman continues to dominate sales

360 News | Proving big Batman sales are possible without Chris Nolan.
We told you it was great, and after recently reporting that Batman: Arkham Asylum had sold nearly 2 million copies, Eidos has confirmed that a massive 2.5 million copies have now been shipped since launch.

Edge reports that Warner Bros. is thrilled with the game’s success. Eidos bigwig Martin Tremblay said that Batman: Arkham Asylum “sets a new benchmark for superhero games.”

“Rocksteady Studios created an excellent game and the sales numbers demonstrate how a powerful franchise fused with high-quality production resonates with consumers,” continued Tremblay.

Now available on the PC, it’s also not long till we’ll be seeing more DLC for the title.

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4 years ago
Even at the higher price point the game has sold bucketloads. Shows what great word of mouth will do for your product, especially when it's Batman. Can't wait to see what they do next for the series.
4 years ago
el_rezzo wrote
Can't wait to see what they do next for the series.
Knowing Warner Bros they will just milk this out for a while and then ruin the franchise again. icon_sad.gif
4 years ago
Batman AA is fantastic, well done guys on the sales. Other devs take note, don't just slap a game together and throw it out there, spend the time to develop a decent title and you will be rewarded! icon_smile.gif
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