Matt Bassos
26 Jul, 2009

Xbox Avatars getting Gears of War armour

360 News | Finally a chance to look like Marcus Fenix.
Epic Games has announced from this year’s Comic-Con, that Xbox Live Avatars will be getting Gears of War armour add-ons available for download.

Coming in two distinct styles – the traditional COG solider armour or a locust themed helmet/vest combination, Epic’s Cliff Bleszinsky said they would be added upon the next dashboard update which is said to be hitting soon.

For now, there was no mention of cost, but it’s almost certain there will be Microsoft Points attached to the new costumes which can be viewed below.

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4 years ago
Sadly, I can see myself paying for this.
4 years ago
I'm going to pass on the Gears of War gear and buy the Halo stuff.
4 years ago
fupoisme wrote
Sadly, I can see myself paying for this.
SAAADLYYY?? this looks freakin awesome!
4 years ago
They don't look like Fenix? Nice to see some cool game related stuff for avatars though.
4 years ago
Hrm. I'd prefer this sort of thing tied to the game itself. Like, complete Gears 3 on easy to get the regular armour, medium for Dom's armour, hard for Fenix.
4 years ago
Give me something good to do with my avatar, and then we'll talk about some premium threads, k Microsoft?

If this were for a Mii however...
4 years ago
I think they look a little too comical for me. i guess there is only so much you can do with an animated little avatar.
4 years ago
I just don't understand how people can justify paying for virtual clothing!? I don't care how good it looks.....it's virtual clothing.
4 years ago
I'd only pay for the RC warthog, it looks awesome.
4 years ago
Hopefully its an avatar award, if not i'll probably pay for it anyway.
4 years ago
seems there's more than one per minute...
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