Joseph Rositano
20 Jul, 2009

Xbox Live Deal of the Week - 20/07/09

360 News | Microsoft unleash a tempting offer.
It's Monday (or early Tuesday morning for Australians) again, which means a new Deal of the Week has started on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This week, the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Game Add-On Jedi Temple Mission has been reduced to 400 Microsoft Points, a saving of 50%.

Coming in at 868 MB, the Jedi Temple Mission is a brand new single-player level which takes Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant where he hopes to uncover some more information about his father. Before too long however, he must face his inner demons and ignite his lightsaber. The add-on also includes three new costumes and six new playable characters, including Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jin and Mace Windu.

Please remember that all Deal of the Week specials are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold subscription holders.

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4 years ago
Ive played this level and have the six 'new' playable characters already available for free. The difference? I have the game on Wii.

I half understand charging people through the nose for something that's actually exclusive, but this sort of business conduct simply equates to extortion in my opinion.

Who would pay $6.60 for one level and a few reskins (that's right.. they're not remodelled characters and instead are draped over the Secret Apprentice's model and appear awkwardly hunched over due to his pose) which add no difference to gameplay whatsoever?

The only one getting anything feasible out of this 'Deal' is Microsoft.
4 years ago
Jaws wrote
The only one getting anything feasible out of this 'Deal' is Microsoft.
Actually Activision is the publisher. So blame them. Microsoft only gets a little of the blame for allowing publishers to ream us with DLC time and time again. Plus it's developed by Lucasarts, so anything Star Wars related is just a cash cow to them.
4 years ago
I bought this DLC when it was full price, and it was totally worth it. I played it through on every difficulty (to get the achievements) and it never got boring. If you enjoyed TFU and want to play it some more than this is a total bargain at half price, really.
4 years ago
OMG $6.60!!!! how dare they!

/sick of tight arse gamers.
4 years ago
It's not really "tight arse" to be miffed about having to pay for something other gamers get free.
4 years ago
Benc82 wrote
OMG $6.60!!!! how dare they!

/sick of tight arse gamers.
If you went to a restaurant and you saw some, lets say, kids not have to pay for their meal. Then you have to, would you be angry? Wii gamers got it for free, but PS3 and 360 gamers have to pay for it. And no, I am not meaning anything about the Wii and it being a kids console.
4 years ago
^Bad example, I can think of lots of "kids free" situations, which dont bother me in the slightest.

But I take your point.

My point was more in reply to the comment "Who would pay $6.60 for one level and a few reskins" Just see lots and lots of complaints on gaming forums from people pissing and moaning over $5 dlc.

But I guess I have worked full time for 8.5 years, $5 is probably a lot for students etc.
4 years ago
Yeah, I wasn't going to use kids as an example, but didn't want to offend anyone or anything icon_razz.gif. It's not much, but your still paying for something others get for free.
4 years ago
Yea but you're paying for something that looks better. That's how I'm gonna justify it icon_biggrin.gif

360 graphics > wii graphics.
4 years ago
Benc82 wrote
Just see lots and lots of complaints on gaming forums from people pissing and moaning over $5 dlc.

But I guess I have worked full time for 8.5 years, $5 is probably a lot for students etc.
It's not pissing and moaning over $5 dlc, it's pissing and moaning over paying money for something that you can play straight out of the box already on another console, regardless of the graphics looking better or not.

DLC done right in my opinion is actually offering gamers content that is freshly developed and not something that you are paying to technically 'unlock'. Developers deserve to get paid for extra work they put into their games but in many cases, they are getting paid for doing nothing.

Charging for content that already exists on the disc is pretty low in my opinion.

You've worked full time for 8.5 years? Congratulations. If that's your excuse to throw money at developers who are keen to get you to pay for content that's already available for free elsewhere, then be my guest. They'll love you all the more for it and mark my words, it will get worse. In a few years you'll be paying to 'unlock' the last level in a game.

Why? Because as long as people keep forking out, companies will tighten their grip on your wallet harder and harder until you're paying just to get past the title screen. An exaggeration? Yes but the way things are going, I see gamers getting more and more exploited. It's a far cry from days when a developer would release massive amounts of content for free.

Call me old fashioned, but when Epic released the Editor's Choice Bonus Pack for Unreal Tournament 2004, they did it *shock - horror* out of the kindness of their hearts to reward owners of the game for their loyalty. Today, you're only as 'loyal' as your bottom dollar goes for DLC and in most cases, you arent paying for extra work - the devs are most likely working on another game.

On another note, this isn't an attack on the 360 or it's owners. It's an awesome console that I would love to own one day - it's an attack on the people that let this sort of crap happen. Look at Team Fortress 2 on the 360 for example. Will 360 gamers get the bonus content that Valve has been releasing for free to PC owners for two years?

Of course not! Microsoft has forced Valve to charge for it. Why? Because they seem to know that there are people like Benc82 out there who have worked full time for 8.5 years and will gladly part with their money to pay for something that is already free on another platform.

If I pay full price for a game and a dev actually takes the time, effort and resources to work on new content that is released, i'll buy it if it warrants the purchase. If they turn around and want to charge me for something that already exists on the disc or takes 4 minutes to add into the game by minor code tweaking however, then they can kiss my ass.
4 years ago
The Lost and Damned is how DLC should be. Nearly enough content for a full retail game, and all for around $26.
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