Jahanzeb Khan
10 Jul, 2009

New Halo 3: ODST maps revealed

360 News | Halo: Reach multiplayer beta in the future.
Microsoft and Bungie have revealed new maps for Halo 3: ODST. They are Heretic, Citadel and Longshore. This is what they had to say about each of the new maps.

  • Heretic: returns players to familiar ground as the “Halo 2” arena Midship makes its long-rumoured debut in “Halo 3.” The stark interior of the Pious Inquisitor might appear austere on first glance, but Heretic’s symmetrical spaces require players to execute complex strategies in order to outplay their opponents.

  • Citadel: may be a long abandoned Forerunner stronghold, but its small, symmetrical confines are far from secure. Two opposing bases offer little safety for players looking for solace. Instead, Citadel forces small squads to stay in constant communication, keep their heads on a swivel, and be prepared to adjust combat tactics in close quarters.

  • Longshore lacks the commercial ships that once made it a lucrative port for Old Mombasa, but it still bustles with activity. Designed for large scale combat and well suited for smaller affairs, Longshore’s multitude of industrial buildings, elevated walks, and open inlets conspire to create a complex battleground tailored for multiple combat scenarios.
Halo 3: ODST is due for a 22 September 2009 release and there will be a collector’s pack released alongside the standard version. The collector’s edition will include a special wireless controller.

There will also be a standalone disc that will contain 24 multiplayer maps. Those who purchase the game will also be given access to the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta in the future.

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4 years ago
I don't really like symmetrical maps, I prefer maps like guardian where each side has different advantages. Spices the gameplay up alot more.

Still, definitely looking forward to these (and to ODST of course).
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