Jeremy Jastrzab
24 Jun, 2009

Max Payne 3 screens and info skulk in

360 News | You're in for some Payne!
It’s been a while since Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne paved the way for an avalanche of bullet-time inspired titles for our underpowered PCs and last-generation consoles. With Max Payne 3 having been announced earlier this year, he’s now brought along some images and fresh info as well.

In Max Payne 3, our titular anti-hero is twelve years senior and has long quit the NYPD. Not to mention, he looks a heck of a lot different. Sure New York was pretty rough, but Max now finds himself in Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the most densely populated, dangerous and crime-ridden areas in the world. While taking odd jobs protecting Sao Paulo’s richest and ‘finest’, Max’s rock-bottom is about to get a whole lot lower as the talons of the Primeiro Comando da Capital and local underworld sink in.

We’re informed that Max Payne 3 will continue the franchise tradition of a character-driven story, bullet-time gameplay, Max's monologues, mature themes such as drug addiction, and support from Rockstar’s Rage engine. In addition, the focus will be on close-quarter combat with an obligatory cover system and dashings of gameplay variety. Development is primarily being covered by Rockstar Vancouver, with a few other Rockstar studios helping with the ports. We’re still expecting an end-of-year release, but in the meantime, here are some screens to whet your appetite.

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4 years ago
A cursory glance suggests to me that this is looking a bit like Resident Evil 5/Uncharted.
4 years ago
YAY! My confidence is dropping again. Way to go Rockstar for making Max Payne 3 look as boring as you possibly could make it! Watch out, you'll be facing all of ONE guy at any given moment, don't worry about dodging either because you can just stand there and be shot at without fear of dying.

Thank you, Rockstar, you've proven to me yet again that you fail at life.
4 years ago
Looks like another bald space marine. Top character design there team...
4 years ago
Uncharted 3: Among bald fat men.

Looks to have lost the Max Payne charm. I don't think Marky mark will be lining up to for the 3rd film somehow.
4 years ago
Narky, aren't we....

Think it look alright, it's way to early for me to pass any more judgement then that based on 4 screen shots...
4 years ago
Yuck yuck yuck. It looks totally shit, like someone took to it with a Dulux store. Looks more like frieking Prince of Persia (ONE!) meets GTA than anything grisly and reminescent of that Max Payne film noir. Ugh, those screens look -completely- uninspired.

Also, how is that fat hunk of lard meant to bullet time dodge anything? Obviously he's struggling, because showing Max Payne screens without showing bullet time diving/dodging is a cause for concern. The only shot there with any promise is the sillhoette image, and maybe that's just because I can't make out his ridiculously overproportioned features.

4 years ago
Something tells me this isn't going to have the 'noir' detective film feel to it. Why not just use a completely new character instead of dragging poor Max out in the light like this? =\
4 years ago
They've already stated that it won't retain the original detective noir style. Supposedly it'll have a more "modern" style noir. No idea what that means though.

I don't really mind the setting, as Southern America can get pretty damn brutal, however the problem is I know exactly why Rockstar chose it... controversy. They, apparently, can't make a game that doesn't involve some form of controversy to it (even Table Tennis if you think about it) and I have no doubts they'll chuck in a cutscene, or a moment with a child holding a gun and getting shot or SOMETHING to that effect because they're so useless at making games they have to sell on shock factor alone. Failing that they'll just get the whole "white dude shooting black dudes" issue which is so rampant these days.

My main concern with the images is that none of them "feel" like Max Payne, MP was all about one man against a room of 10 guys and coming out largely unscathed, so far the images haven't shown this. Yes it's only the first batch of screens but they couldn't have picked worse shots if they had tried.
4 years ago
Okay - so from a handful of screenshots you've discerned that at no point in the title will there be more than two enemies on screen?

Well fuck me dead, I had no idea that I was a peer among those gifted with the talent of future sight. icon_shifty.gif

Pretty sure that there were plenty of places in the first two titles that featured one to two enemies. Hell, there were even moments without enemies!

Do you really think that these few shots show the whole experience? Media from Rockstar? Showing more than a few tiny scraps of what the game entails? Not often.

Basically - lighten up yeah? No, it isn't dark, rainy NYC. But we've not even seen it in motion yet, let alone have a solid idea of what the game is about. Maybe wait for more before chucking a wobbly icon_confused.gif

Edit: Not directed solely at you Sin.
4 years ago
I know it's only a handful of screens and I still want to see it in motion, but you could throw those screens out and nobody would ever recognise it as Max Payne.

Lead character looks, artistically, boring as hell. Environments look over-glossy (LOLOL NEXT GEN) and nothing like the bleak, dark, cop noir environments of Max Payne and Max Payne 2.

It might not be much, but the job of media no matter how little is to sell the title, and so far Rockstar have failed when it comes to me.
4 years ago

In all honesty, though these are but a few snippets, these screenshots were selected purposefully by their PR departments to release. They aren't leaked screens, they are there to advertise what they are developing, and they were selected to show off what they are offering.

And that doesn't bode well for Max Payne fans.

I know they gave a very convincing explanation of how they are going with a new stylization for this new Max Payne, and they made it sound really great there. But what they are showing us here is a game that seems like it has no unique art style at all.

This looks like "just another" shooter- the screens don't even look that pretty when you compare it to other games coming out now.
4 years ago
Perhaps we've been looking at media for different upcoming games, because I think this looks pretty damned good so far (not in a Max Payne sort of way, but detached from that in a purely visual sense). I can't think of much off the top of my head, aside from Uncharted 2 which just looks stunning, that looks much better than this does so far. Max himself looks solid and convincing, and the environments look decently highly detailed. Also - next-gen shiny? Seriously? This looks to be one of the least shiny AAA games that I've seen lately icon_confused.gif

And I don't buy the boring character bit - I don't see how this iteration of Max looks markedly less interesting than the old versions. He's older and bulkier, angry and shabby... as opposed to younger, skinnier, angsty, and trench-coated. I mean, playing devil's advocate here, but I don't see how one character is intrinsically more interesting looking than the other?

No, it doesn't look like a Max Payne game. Doesn't necessarily mean it looks bad. I'm going to hold of judgment 'till more detail it to be seen.
4 years ago
I'm judging the screens, and those screens are terrible. Yes they're only the first batch but they're the first screens of a well liked franchise being taken over by a new developer. If they want to instil faith in fans of the series they need to offer SOMETHING at least in the slightest catering to said fans.

What is shown there could be any game at all, it looks way too generic, that's not how you announce a rekindling of an old franchise.

Besides all that it doesn't look THAT great visually, in the first image both guys are standing in the EXACT same way which looks really jarring and very last gen. The Bullet holes have no sense of depth, again very last gen. A point blank shotgun blast (can see the blood cloud so clearly it hit) doesn't effect the enemy at all it would appear, again not something reminiscent of today's games.

Granted it does appear to have a nice level of draw distance, but really the two best looking shots in that bunch (2 and 4) don't look like they're occuring during normal gameplay so are pointless anyway.

I'm incredibly biased because I don't like rockstar, for the most part. As a developer their games have some pretty major design issues which they seem to get away with because they're "sandbox titles" and they get a crapload of credit when other games in the genre offer far more variety and style. All because they throw something in that gets in the papers, or is out of left field.

You're right though, there's no "shiny" in those pics which is one thing I will gladly say I am happy about.
4 years ago
Uh oh, he no longer looks like a guy with a carrot shoved where the sun don't shine, better avoid this one !
4 years ago
I think it has potential to have 'nuts and bolts' syndrome, where it MAY(i stress may) be a good(passable?) game standing on it's own two feet, but as a max payne game, will fail to deliver.

I mean, short of this guy going reverse Michael Jacskon and having black skin he could not look anymore removed from the ye olde max payne we all loved.That also applies to the locale, gone is the foreboding streetscape, with long drawn out shadows, the delapitaded concrete jungle battered by a relentless blizzard;replaced instead by...?I dunno, some sort of sprawling south american street market, with the contrast and brightness at 101.

I can easily picture a shootout with 'max' taking cover behind a wooden cart filled with watermelons.Or something corny like shooting out a brace and then a whole heap of watermelons falls on some guys.

Fucking watermelons.

I just, i dunno, it really irks me when developers pull this switcheroo/bait and switch bs.

We cry for icecream, they promise icecream, and then deliver frozen yoghurt.Well froghurts good, but god damnit we wanted fucking icecream!
4 years ago
Like I said, I like the scenery change for what it can offer the franchise (Jibbs pretty much hit the nail on the head, Max duck running behind food stalls and stuff with fruit and veg getting shot to hell while he picks off his combatants with well placed head shots), I like the idea of a more "modern" style of bullet time, I like the idea of being able to "revenge kill" your way out of death.

I don't like the fact that these images offer NOTHING in the way of these cool new ideas that Rockstar are playing at.
4 years ago
It's like they knew they didn't have the talent (or balls) to pull off a unique game in terms of art style, so they just shelved that side of Max Payne altogether. I too have been warming to the setting and the exciting prospects, but I feel it has to still deliver the whole Max Payne package, and art was a big part of that.

It's now colorful and easy on the eyes, and seems very generic, even bland. I really can't explain what my impressions are better than my first go at it.

It just looks uninspired.
4 years ago
Honestly, I get similar impressions - I can't help but think 'Stranglehold, but brighter' and that's about it.

But yeah, still too early to judge - for such a dynamic type of game you really need to see it in motion.
4 years ago
I thought the screenshots looked interesting. Brazil is a cool setting, and I like the idea of a bald, bearded action hero with a gut.

You guys are reading way too much into this - like when the Diablo III screenshots dropped and suddenly everybody on the internet suddenly sported a masters in visual arts and had expert opinions on why the colours proved the game would be no good.
4 years ago
I don't need a masters in visual arts to spot generic character design.
I didn't mean to say that Max Payne 3 would be a bad game, that would be far too great a leap, given that we only have these screen shots to go by. I am just disappointed that they have moved away from the film noir look and made Max look like every other action game protagonist on the market.
4 years ago
Infested Jibbs wrote
We cry for icecream, they promise icecream, and then deliver frozen yoghurt.Well froghurts good, but god damnit we wanted **** icecream!
But I like frozen yogurt just as much as ice cream.
4 years ago
LeonJ wrote
Infested Jibbs wrote
We cry for icecream, they promise icecream, and then deliver frozen yoghurt.Well froghurts good, but god damnit we wanted **** icecream!
But I like frozen yogurt just as much as ice cream.

The frogurt is also cursed.
4 years ago
But you get your choice of topping!
4 years ago
Lordy. At this rate I'll just pretend this isn't Max Payne 3 at all.

Unless this is all part of some major plot twist/ploy. "Bait and switch" was mentioned above, maybe this is the opening of the game, and then Max wakes up or something in a different locale with a different story going on?

EXTREMELY unlikely, seeing as this is Rockstar, but if they'd learnt anything from Payne (especially Payne 2), they'll know that crazy/psychadellic/freaky/weird dream-sequence moments are a must.

But yeah, its Rockstar. Doubt extremely that this is one of those moments.
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