Kimberley Ellis
02 May, 2009

Stylish new Borderlands images emerge

360 Media | Monsters a-plenty.

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4 years ago
Is it just me or does it look like they have changed the art design?

the early images looked different, this one looks more "stylish" not necessarily a good thing.
4 years ago
Yup, they changed to a new art style a little while back. Was revealed recently.

They claim it to be new and different, etc - I claim shenanigans on that. Crackdown did it a while back, and chances are other games got in before that too.

Still, I really dig the style, so I'm not complaining. Really, really looking forward to Borderlands.
4 years ago
I like the illustrative style, but in some pics it is barely noticeable (e.g. the big bug/fish).
4 years ago
Similar visual style to the recent Prince of Persia.

Looks pretty good but could be magic if it animates smoothly.
4 years ago
Awesome so i was right, I liked the orginal looks and feel , made it feel more dark and full, this makes it look more cartoony cutout comic thing, Sigh people need to stop the stylish bandwagon,

I had hopes for this game , then i saw gameplay and i swear it looked like fallout 3 ( there is a laser pistol 100% like in f3 )

Dunno, could be good.
4 years ago
The original style looked generic as all hell, nice to see them changing it up a bit but it seems a little half arsed. If they wanted a real illustrative style they need far more blacks for shadows, this just looks like the original game with a black outline on everything.
4 years ago
Illustrative art direction is the new brown.

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