Joseph Rositano
28 Apr, 2009

Xbox Live Deal of the Week

360 News | Hit the court.
It's Monday (or early Tuesday morning for Australians) again, which means a new Deal of the Week has started on Xbox Live Marketplace. This week, NBA Live 09's NBA Live 365 Subscription game add-on has been reduced to 560 points, a saving of 30%.

Coming in at a very tiny 108 KB (you read right), the NBA Live 365 Subscription game add-on updates player statistics on a daily basis based on what's happening in the latest NBA season. Everything from player injuries and trades to inactive lists and starting lineups is covered each day. You can also replay any NBA game from each season, allowing you to relive each glorious victory or enact revenge and change the results of a match.

Please remember that all Deal of the Week specials are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold subscription holders.

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4 years ago

i made a pong game using just script and it was bigger..

wow, this is why i hate sports games, arnt inovative you might aswell play 06 ones
4 years ago
I would almost be inclined to say that that is the worst abuse of DLC I have ever possibly seen. That's worse than Horse Armour, it's pure genius from a money grabbing standpoint but anything else and they're just *********.
4 years ago
Well I agree in principle that paying 800 points for it normally is a bit of a rort. But then again, I don't follow the NBA.

The idea of having up-to-date player statistics instead of waiting for (and paying for) next year's game intrigues me. As does replays of every NBA game played, which I'm assuming are done in the game engine. There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes for this one.

<cynicism>Cha-ching. Thank you. Come again for NBA '10 where the same thing will now cost 1000 points to download</cynicism>
Yeah, the reason they charge for it is because the technology they use was quite costly to implement in the game apparently. And it does look quite comprehensive (changing player DNA and all that jazz), but it's really something for serious Live fans. I imagine you'd have to play this game quite frequently to see any sort of benefit out of the feature.
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