Joseph Rositano
23 Nov, 2008

Far Cry 2 DLC detailed

360 News | Coming before the end of November.
Ubisoft has announced that DLC for Far Cry 2 will be made available before the end of November.

Dubbed the Fortune's Pack, the DLC will add three new weapons to the game - a silenced shotgun, sawed-off shotgun and crossbow, as well as two new vehicles called Unimog and Quad. Multiplayer fans can also look forward to four new maps, called Cheap Labor, Last Resort, Lake Smear and Fort Fury.

The Fortune's Pack will be available to download shortly via the Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN. It's currently unclear if the pack will be available to PC gamers, and if there will be any additional costs. While you wait to cause mayhem with that silenced shotgun, you can drool over some DLC screenshots in the media panel.

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5 years ago
PALGN wrote
a silenced shotgun
I didn't think that ever existed. icon_confused.gif
5 years ago
Steven Seagal had one in a movie, does that count?
5 years ago
They better release it on PC at the same time. And it better be free.
5 years ago
Chigurh had a silenced shotgun in No Country for Old Men.

I hope this comes to PC, because I need a reason to play Far Cry 2 over the oodles of other games I have half-finished.
5 years ago
I'm with sami. PC+Free or GTFO.

Also, you might want to change that picture of the eye thing, because thats from FC1/instincts
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