Joseph Rositano
14 Nov, 2008

Resident Evil 5 screenshots

360 Media | The wait isn't getting any easier.

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5 years ago
My excitement for this varies dramatically. When they released those Wesker-centric trailers at TGS it was my most anticipated game, but since then they've just been showing the same old African village gameplay, seemingly designed to prove that the gameplay has not changed one single iota in the four years since RE4 came out, and I'm bored to tears.

Still, I guess we haven't seen that many dogs on screen before... I got nothin'.
5 years ago
Do Capcom find it necessary for all chainsaw-bearing zombies to wear hessian over their heads?? I think it would be very freaky if the chainsaw people could be normal zombies with the ability for a Las Plagas to pop out of their head, that would be near uber-freakiness ^^
5 years ago
IS the chainsaw wielding maniac "Dr Salvador" infected with Las Plagas? He doesn't dissolve like the other not a zombies when taken out?

The Hessian bag is to hide his shame and depravity.

How is it possible that 2 different chainsaw aficionados both have the same outfit when they're on distant continents? Maybe a Hessian bag is the obvious choice, I don't know that much about sawing people up. Could be phase space!
5 years ago
On ebgames release list its showing a RE5 LE, & RE5 SE only on PS3, I'm guessing its means a limited edition, special edition, anyone know or have any idea what may come with the limited edition.
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