Luke Mitchell
27 Apr, 2008

Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Preview

360 Preview | They're back, and they still want to kill each and every one of us.
The idea of having an 'evil' protagonist has been around for a while now. With games like Stubbs the Zombie and more mainstream titles such as the GTA franchise rewarding players for killing civilians in cool and unique ways, another notable franchise where killing innocent people is all part of the mission is the appropriately named Destroy All Humans! After three previous outings (including the Wii-specific Big Willy Unleashed), the series is back on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with the fourth game in the Destroy All Humans! franchise, Path of the Furon.

Featuring interesting new ways to attack mankind!

Featuring interesting new ways to attack mankind!
In this sequel, our favourite earth-threatening alien Crypto is back, and the story takes place directly after the end of Big Willy Unleashed in the 1970s. While running a casino in Las Vegas, a new race known as the Nexos attack, and make themselves known as a threat to all Furon-kind. Of course, it's your job as Crypto to stop them, and harvest as much human DNA you can along the way. Similar to previous titles in the Destroy All Humans! series, it's open world all the way here (that's the cool trend nowadays, after all), so you'll be able to attack whatever you want to, whenever you want to.

What's always been so entertaining about Destroy All Humans! is all the different kinds of weapons you can use, and this instalment will be no different. Some of the newbies we're aware of include the Black Hole Gun, which allows you to create a big void wherever you'd like which grows bigger and bigger, sucking in everything around it. Also new is the Venus Human Trap, where Crypto plants a seed which immediately grows into a giant cannibalistic plant and also the Super Baller which tangles up enemies and then bounces around, damaging them as it goes. There's also more traditional methods of destruction such as timed sticky bombs and other effective weaponry.

Flame on! Wait a second...

Flame on! Wait a second...
Physical weapons aren't all that's at your disposal, obviously; as well as the returning Psychokinesis, you'll encounter a Chinese Kung Fu master who will be able to teach Crypto some different skills as you advance through the game. The one we got to see was the Temporal Fist which lets players freeze time and rearrange objects during the pause to help you in battles. Freezing rockets mid-air and then reversing them on your foes is possible among other things, and you can be quite creative with this power, moving innocent folk into precarious life-threatening situations and the like. You'll also have access to your trusty flying saucer to rain terror from up above, which has also been given some upgrades that are new to Path of the Furon, including weapons such as a controllable tornado and other surprises.

Considering this is the first Destroy All Humans! outing on the 360 and PS3, the visuals have been given a very obvious upgrade, and needless to say, the game is looking great so far. There is a lot of detail, so that when you look far off into the distance, buildings are still quite clear. The flying saucer was also quite cool, as it actually transformed into different shapes and styles based on which weapon was selected, adding some cosmetic variety. There is also a certain degree of environment destruction available; you'll be able to damage buildings as well as take skyscrapers to the ground, and although this will need some refinement before the game is released later this year, it's still got plenty of time in the oven to make everything more effective. In terms of audio, the comedic dialogue is still present with top-notch voice acting from everybody involved, which we did expect, but was still great to see them maintaining the standard.

Easily the coolest UFO action we've seen.

Easily the coolest UFO action we've seen.
One thing that is still present in Path of the Furon is the trademark sense of humour that has stayed with the games since day one. Things like anal probes still occur and you'll be rewarded with cut-scenes and achievements for doing immature yet amusing things in the game. It seems that the translation over to the current generation of consoles is going to be a smooth one, with the madness and extraterrestrial destruction looking to be as fun as ever. Keep a look out for a playable demo of Path of the Furon in the coming months, as the game is due out in September, and should be a real blast.
Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon looks to maintain its over-the-top sense of humour and open world mayhem that it's prequels are known for; obliterating the human race looks to be as fun as it ever was.

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5 years ago
I can't wait for this game, Big Willy looked like a dissapointment though.
But I will get this one, Super Baller seems like one awesome weapon!
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